Visa Proof Statement

I met my husband at a church called Living Waters Christian located in Stafford TX in July 2018. At that time, I was in the college of UT MD Anderson’s studying Health science where I was specializing in Radio Therapy. Two months later on the twentieth of October, we planned for a wedding in court that was supposed to be informal with our family as the only guests. After the wedding, we expected to celebrate in India and our choice was affected by the fact that my grandparents and the relatives of my husband lived in India. My husband went back to India in November the same year because his visa was just about to expire and I went to India on December the twelfth.

On December 21st, we invited all members of our family as well as our friends to the reception of our wedding. On the twenty-third of the same month, we visited an orphanage because we both have a passion for helping and serving others. On the second of January, we went to Munnar hill station for our honeymoon for two days. Since my spring semester was just about to start, I was back to the US on the eighth of January. I left my husband in India where he acquired APA and Project Management certifications. On the tenth of August, I graduated, and on the eighth of September the same year, I sat for my board exam and returned to India so that I could be with my husband.

In India, we visited the Maldives for our vacation, but I had to go back to the United States on the eighth of October because I had an interview on the eighteenth in the US naturalization. My husband cares a lot about me and supports me fully where we talk every day using WhatsApp. I have provided proof of a joint account we have together, our past pictures, call logs, wedding, honeymoon, vacations and the time we visited the orphanage. I have an Indian passport which I acquired after I became a citizen, but I am not in a position to provide pictures of it because it is still at the embassy of India. I will, however, make the pictures of my ticket and Indian trips available.

Thank you.