Vision, Mission, & Beliefs of the Holy Mountain Church International

Vision, Mission, & Beliefs of the Holy Mountain Church International


The church seeks to rescue and replenish the world broken by sin, display the love of Christ, develop followers to spiritual maturity and connect with them through discipleship, Bible studies and outreach programs.


As Christians, we serve as a community of worship and fellowship, make disciples of every race, lead believers to a life-changing relationship with God, mature followers and equip them to perform works of ministry, support and uplift the disfranchised through unconditional love.


We the Holy Mountain Church International believe that the inspired Word of God is written in the Scriptures. Besides, the Scriptures are the only basis for our fellowship and faith in God. We believe that the God we worship every time is three in one. We have God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As staunch Christians, we believe that mankind gets salvation through the redeeming work of our Lord Jesus Christ and that of the Holy Spirit. The church perceives sanctification as an act of distancing from the evil. We believe in building a healthy and life-changing relationship with God.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the source of eternal life and without honoring Him, we would not have a life-long spiritual growth. God is the Father of humanity, and His revelation comes through Jesus Christ. We the church believe that there exists the principle of continuous revelation. We believe that God inspires mankind in every age and He chooses the time to speak to the followers. We believe that God will punish humanity for their own sins and not for the sins committed by Adam and Eve. Lastly, we believe in providing divine healing for all in the atonement.


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