Visual analysis essay part 2

Artistic proofs are viewed to emanate from the poetic and entail a form of expression. They are also constructed and malleable and entail the rhetoric appeals of pathos, logos, and ethos. The photographic proof included in image 1is mostly rhetoric in terms of the dangers associated with smoking. The image illustrates that despite the behavior appealing to many, both men and women, it poses a risk when it comes to the welfare of children. When one looks at the image, he or she empathizes with the child included in the image and thus illustrating the pathos rhetorical appeal. The second image illustrates the rhetorical appeal of logos with respect to the severe effects of smoking. It illustrates the poison that people inhale in the name of seeking pleasure. The inartistic proofs involve actual evidence regarding a given issue. It is factual that smoking affects one’s body especially the lungs since they are the organs involved during respiration. The image illustrates how smoking damages the lungs whereby it depicts a lung that has not been exposed to smoking and the image of a lung that has been damaged due to smoking. The proof that persuaded me regarding the subject matter is the image of the lung after being exposed to smoke. It persuaded me because it illustrates facts about the behavior rather than depicting a complex attribute.

  1. ii) Acknowledge the assumptions that you bring to your reading of the images and critically examine how those assumptions are tested through your analysis.

The basic assumption is that all the images are passing respective messages regarding smoking. The associated features can be easily interpreted in terms of the subject matter. The color red is used in the second and third image. The assumption is that both images illustrate the negative implications of smoking. In the second image, red is used distinctively to highlight the individuals who are affected by the habit; in this case, children. Aslam includes the view by Galileo that color illustrates secondary qualities that are dependent on the perceiver, comprehended by the observers, dispositional and the view that color is not really a part of an object. Color is also depicted to affect both human psychology and behavior (17). The perspective can be associated with the use of the color red, in the two pictures. It functions to influence the minds of the audience in terms of who is affected by the behavior and the physical effect that smoking had on the human body. Another significant aspect is the use of visual cues in the images especially the second image. Lester highlights the need for analyzing visual cues in terms of form, movement, color, and depth. The idea is to assess how the elements interact in an image (132). The hand holding the lit cigarette is separated from the background using a blurred contrast.

iii) What are some explicit ethical considerations within the grouping of images? Do they represent normative thinking, or do they perform a utilitarian role? Use Lester’s ethical perspectives to support your analysis.

The ethical considerations affiliate with the manner in which the images have been grouped entails the utilitarian perspective especially in the second, third and fourth images. Lester explains that news directors and editors tend to integrate utilitarianism in their reports especially on information with disturbing graphic content. The associated view is that despite an image being gruesome, it possesses the potential of influencing the minds of the audience.  He states, “That action is acceptable under the utilitarianism philosophy because people do not have a moral right to be sheltered from sad news on occasion,” (142). The statement implies that it is vital to inform the public or instead present it with an actual implication of an issue for it to refrain from engaging in a particular behavior. The three images illustrate the dangers of smoking, not only to the smoker but also to the individuals within his or her environment.


From an overall viewpoint, images play a crucial role when it comes to communicating particular messages. From the analysis, both the artistic and unartistic aspects present in the involved images possess the capacity to influence the minds of the audience on the dangers of smoking. Also, the visual cues and color play significant roles in illustrating the implications of smoking.


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