Visual Analysis of the Angela Merkle photo at the G7 Summit, 2018

Visual Analysis of the Angela Merkle photo at the G7 Summit, 2018

In the context of visual culture, visual analysis is one of the most significant aspects. It enables one to elaborate more about what is contained on the picture upon looking at it. Also, visual analysis is a crucial aspect to help someone understand the content of an image even in the absence of the photograph. For this paper, we will, therefore, expound on the aspects of photography like color, shape, line, space, and pattern among others on how they have been applied on Angela Merkle photo at the G7 Summit, 2018 as a process of interpreting the picture.

Ever since Angel Merkle's photo was taken at the G7 Summit in the year 2018, there is a lot that has been said about it, and some people even interpreted it as a painting, but indeed it was a real picture taken by a German government photographer. To begin with, upon scrutinizing the image, one can note that the primary colors, i.e., Black and White have dominated the entire picture and its setting. Secondly, the intensity that the photographer applied in the image is of high quality thus making it look attractive and appealing before someone viewing it.

When you look at the picture, you will be able to note that there is a shadow of an individual in the front left that lies onto Merkle who is featured looking directly to the Us president Trump. This, therefore, creates a line of flow that directs the viewer of the picture towards the focal point of the whole picture that the photographer aimed to show. The table upon which Merkle and the other two leaders are leaning on and the cloth covering it also create a lining upon which the viewer's attention will be attracted to towards the inside perspective of the entire picture. This afterward brings the shape that is entailed in the image and the nature in which it is taken. One can see in the full version and a transparent manner all the individuals that have been pictured on the photo of how Trump is their focal point of concentration even though he is seated.

The photographer professionally took the picture to the extent that there is no negative stage on the image. When you look at the picture, you will be able to realize that the G7 leaders cover three-quarters of the space and less than one-quarter of the area on the top right can be identified as the negative space. However, space is ideal and perfect for the picture as it enables the image to be visible due to the adequate zooming that minimized the negative space and ensured that a professional view was obtained. The negative space was ideally utilized and mastered by the photographer thereby leading to a successful composition of the entire picture.

Another aspect that is visible on the picture is how the rhythm. When you look rhythm is the nature of the flow of characters in a photograph. In this picture, we are able to see a regular rhythm since we can see elements in the object that are larger and appealing to the viewer of the photograph. The rhythm in the picture also entails that the positioning and timing of the photographer for this picture was an accurate and timely one. Again, we can be able to notice an aspect of undulating rhythm in the image. This type of rhythm is evident from the picture since we can see Merkle and the team on the left side of the image looking towards the right-hand side where Trump is, and Trump and the other leaders on his side are facing towards the left-hand side where Merkle is. The two types of rhythm form the sole component of the picture thereby creating the vital moment that has been taken by the photographer.

The photographer also applied professional balancing of the individuals that are featured in the picture. When you look at the picture carefully, you will be able to notice that the main characters Merkle and Trump and the other leaders have been expertly balanced conveniently in the image to capture the first impression of the viewer of the photo at any particular moment. Indeed, all the aspects of balance that include symmetrical, horizontal and vertical balance were all put into consideration in an ideal and effective manner.

A uniform pattern is also visible in the picture since one can see that the leaders have been featured to be standing in a curved like manner with Angle Merkle the only woman leader among them being centrally placed. Again, the nature in which the leaders are pictured folding their arms in the right-hand side while those from the left-hand side are seen to be leaning their arms straight on to the table thereby forming some pattern which in the long run communicates a particular message among the leaders. From this pattern, one can interpret that Trump and the leaders on the right hand side are folding their hands implying that they are not open to any suggestions or ideas that are diverse from theirs. However, the other leader led by Merkle their open arms suggest that they are ready and open for new ideas and concepts or on making a new agreement concerning whatever they were discussing and they are all trying to pursue Trump to change his mind and join them in their ideas and suggestions.

Generally, when one looks at the picture and how the photographer took it, it is more than just a mere image. This is because there is a lot of information that is spoken from the picture when you apply visual analysis on it.

One can also incorporate that how Merkle is pictured in the middle of the entire group of men leaders taking one on one with the US president depicts her as the Queen of Europe ensuring that German take the lead and conquer all the stumbling blocks like the US president Trump in their nature of leading Europe. Therefore, we can entail that the photograph involves adequate aspects of photography and upon examining them adequately, one can unfold a lot of information that is implied by the picture though not orally, a viewer is thus able to analyze and get the inner and real meaning that is carried in the image.


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