Vulnerabilities within the Economy

Vulnerabilities within the Economy

Over the years, attacks on the national infrastructure have been on the increase due to various weaknesses in the computer network. This has an adverse effect as different companies can learn what their competitors do and use that to reduce their competitive power in the international market hence causing unhealthy competition. Even though the government has been on alert correcting the flaws, there has been ever-changing activities of the hackers causing a threat to the economy. To ensure that all the risks are prevented, the government must correct all the vulnerabilities. This essay will focus on the impacts these threats have on the economy and how the implementation of diversity and commonality can help mitigate these threats.

The threats can result in loss of electric generating capacity which exceeds the resources that is available in correcting the damage caused. This is dangerous as the government exhaust the available resources to make the economy usually run. The threats affect the supply chain within the economy making delay and shortage in the delivery of services causing disruption in the various sectors as well as damages to infrastructure in the marketplace.To reduce the effect of these threats, the government has introduced a system where there are minimal internet exposure and a one-stop shop to check on the weak point within the system. The use of supervisory control and data acquisition system helps in the easy supervision of the operations of the system.

Conclusively, cyber threats have adverse effects on the economy as it affects the operation of various sectors. This leads to a delay in the delivery of services as infrastructure can be damaged. The use of diversity and commonalities has helped to curb the effects of these threats hence making the economy to function normally. Systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition help in the constant checking of the system thus making the effects of the threat to reduce.


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