Wainwright Plastics Business Report

Introduction of the Problem.


At March 8, 2019, the Wainwright plastics orders industrial plastic extrusion at £ 18,000,000 from Great Britain and the company intends to complete its payment within one year, that’s by March 8, 2020.

However, there is a great concern about the foreign exchange rates because the exchange market volatility is being driven mainly by the absolute terms of Brexit.  Because of these uncertainties, it’s advisable to use the forward speed.

A state street bank in Boston offers the following spot rate and one year forward points:

Spot $ 1.3101

Spot £ 1.3105

1yr forward points $ .0255

1yr forward points £ .0257

The interest rates offered includes

USD LIBOR 1yr 3.02%-3.06%

GBP LIBOR 1yr 1.06%-1.10%

After contacting the Bank of New York Mellon to ask for 1.3350 $/£ to buy £ 18,000,000. The strike call option is used to buy the securities until the company fully pays up. The BNYM quotes the following one-year prices to buy the option:

One year call option on the pound (exercise price) 1.3350 $/£

Percentage of the $ amount at the exercise 4.05%

Analysis of major hedging alternatives with the ultimate valuations and risks

a).Remain unhedged

$/£ turns to be 1.15, 1.20, 1.25, 1.30, 1.35, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50.


x= 1.15 * = 0.8554 (min) x= 1.15*= 0.8583(max)

x minimum maximum Cost in pounds= min or max * 18,000,000
1.15 0.8554 0.8583 £ 15,397,200(min) , £ 15,449,400(max)
1.20 0.8921 0.8956 £ 16,057,800(min), £ 16,120,800(max)
1.25 0.9293 0.9329 £ 16,727,400(min), £ 16,792,200(max)
1.30 0.9664 0.9702 £ 17,395,200(min), £ 17,463,600(max)
1.35 1.0036 1.0075 £ 18,064,800(min), £ 18,135,000(max)
1.40 1.0408 1.0448 £ 18,734,400(min), £ 18,806,400(max)


b). State street forward hedge. Explain its implementation and cash flow at maturity


Street forward hedge refers to a contract between two parties to sell or buy an asset at a specified price on a future date. The cash flow maturity at this hedge relates to the arrangement to manage risks associated with the asset bought.


Money market hedge is a scenario that is achieved by the process of lending and borrowing the current value of foreign money that is payable or receivable. Offsetting foreign currency conditions and positions are created as a result of credit. The company can use hedging transaction which involves the use of a forwarding contract. It is typically achieved buying and selling of the modern currency that is receivable and payable in a forward manner. The main advantage of using this hedge is that the fence is given a variety of options like observing the exchange rates in the future.


Futures can be used by firms to determine if a firm should hedge. Hedging is not necessary for the firms that have a perfect capital market. Firms may add value to their operation if they have experienced an imperfect market. If the management is aware of the exposure of the firm, then the shareholder has no right to hedge for the firm. However, firms can hedge at a low cost. When the default figure and values are significant, then it is advisable for the firms to adopt cooperate hedging because it can decrease the probability of default. Firms usually experience progressive taxes, and they have a chance to reduce all the obligations related to charge through hedging. The action will help in stabilizing all the cooperate earning of the firm.