WalMart Human Resource Management

  1. Strategic Analysis

Both human resource and corporate strategies are the backbones of the smooth running of business operations. They ensure that there is the attainment of the set objectives without having any adverse implications on other stakeholders. The strategies further contribute to improving productivity levels, cost leadership, competitive advantage and smooth running of operational processes. In this case, human resource management refers to the strategies that are adopted by WalMart to uphold productivity and wellbeing of its workforce. There is the inclusion of manager and the employees in different levels of planning thus promoting collaboration. These levels include function level-strategy, business-level-strategy, and corporate-level –strategy. These strategies ensure that there is a smooth implementation of all policies and changes.

The adoption of competitive strategies calls for a vibrant and effective HR. these strategies are selected on the basis of WalMart contingency and the ability to conform to the ongoing market trends. These strategies have direct impacts on the performance levels as they influence the organizational culture. The contingency of the WalMart HR strategies can be defined as being fitness where new changes must be compatible with the organizational stricter and functioning. It thus entails factors such criteria for recruitment, training, and compensation of the workers.

  1. Environmental Analysis

Focusing on the consumer goods industry indicates that there are ongoing trends to adopt sustainable business models with the objective of maximizing the profits levels without any adverse impacts on the environment. Other than the adoption of green energies, there is an emphasis on the smooth coordination of the workforce. It is critical to note that the workforce has significant impacts on the productivity levels and ensures that there is the smooth implementation of new policies. Human resource management thus undertakes to ensure that the employees are well trained and compensated. On the other hand, high levels of cultural diversity are likely to disrupt the composition of the WalMart workforce.

The argument rests on the fact that there is a need to ensure that the values and interests of all groups are included in the organization. Sidelining some of the groups on t

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