Ways to Avoid Communication Pitfalls

Ways to Avoid Communication Pitfalls

In the scenario, it was a bad move by the manager to order for the expensive equipment without the confirmation from Lei. The section on Communication Pitfalls in the Bateman and Snell (2013), suggest that when an individual portrays filtering and subjective perception, there is a likelihood of misunderstanding. According to the scenario, the manager developed a wrong perception of the comments from Lei. However, Mr. Lei could have avoided the situation going this far in the following ways. First, Lei should have considered getting feedback from the manager. When people communicate, the receiver might not listen carefully or might overlook some critical points being addressed. However, Lei should have ensured the manager understood her statement by asking for a feedback. The lack of emphasis on getting feedback ruined everything. Similarly, Lei should have stated vividly, it was difficult for the order to be taken and also, she should have specified the possible date.

Second, Lei could also have persuaded the manager to agree with her about discussing the matter. Therefore, Lei could have made the manager agree that they will proceed with purchasing the equipment after getting the full report from Dalman. Besides, this could not have brought mixed signals and ineffective communication. Similarly, Lei should have stated explicitly to the manager that, Dalman is busy working on inquiring about the prices and acquisition of the equipment. Also, they are only waiting for his final report. Third, Lei should have told the manager that the issue about the equipment is serious, and only the two of them cannot discuss it. Instead of discussing the issue over the phone, they should have called a group meeting and discuss the matter. The face-to-face communication or group meeting is safe since the employee can ask questions and also it is less open to misinterpretation.



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