Ways in which Sr. Juana use Liberal-Arts and Sciences to the Study of Scripture

Ways in which Sr. Juana use Liberal-Arts and Sciences to the Study of Scripture


At a time when the intellectual capacities of women were believed to be limited, Sor Juana’s writings emphatically rose to dominance at a time when women were thought to have limited mental capabilities to write. Through her works of essays and treaties presentation, Sor Juana presented different analogies to the idea that women were intellectually redundant. Most of her texts portray greatness in the potentiality of women in explicit declarations of learning liberal arts and science in the study of scriptures.

The entry of Sor Juana in the rhetoric field can be more aptly termed as an intrusion. Her writings in an exchange with the church officials make her get caught due to gender hierarchy and oddly cloak class amidst supposed intimacy and equality. She installed a series of letters to respond to the understanding of learning in both liberal art and science. She tries to explain the importance of the former over the latter in the study of scripture. I attempt to create a systematic comparison of learning liberal art, Sor Juan analyzes complicated situation which is pertinent to the characteristics of human disciplines as opposed to science which reduces everything to a simple case. As a result, several complex issues are missed out during scientific analysis of critical points in the real world. The focus of the paper is to discuss how Sr. Juana connects learning of the liberal arts and sciences to the study of scripture. It also captures how the importance of liberal art in understanding scientific approaches helps in the study of scripture.

Liberal-Arts and Sciences to the Study of Scripture

Liberal-Arts learning in the study of scriptures includes studies which are outside of science. This is because essential parts of the context may be complicated and for a better understanding there is a need for a broader range of experiences to understand the core aspects. Learning liberal art in the study of scripture makes understanding of the real world easy and comfortable. Bishops and nuns can navigate these fields to have a clear understanding of the problems. According to Sor studies, “no one is obliged to do the impossible”(Gonzalez 275). Similarly, science carries the simplified approach which is necessary for the study.  Liberal art gives one an opportunity to interact with several aspects which the science views as one accord. According to Sor, explanations and exercises does not require interruptions which are posed by religious duties as well as by all other things which are incidental to the life in a community. As a result studying scriptures in both liberal art and science requires exploration of the nuns and bishop in the next cell in order to have a concrete notion to singing and playing.

Additionally, Sor Juan uses Liberal arts in the study of scriptures to help both the bishop and nun have power and preparation to deal with the diverse and complicated situation. For example, it gives them a broad knowledge of the society and culture of the people the scripture is supposed to be addressed to. However, the treatise reveals that, “but in formal and speculative arts the opposite is true”(Gonzalez 123).For instance, she utilizes dialect to make the masses livelier. On the hand, she uses Science to makes the understanding of different aspects of the scripture which does not require elaboration simpler. Science reduces complexities which are realized due to the bishop’s or nun’s experiences in the real world.

Moreover, Sor Juan uses liberal arts and science to create a great rapport between the scripture users and the scripture itself. The use of language that predominates religious writings makes learning relaxed and inclusive. According to Sor study, in order for someoneto remain focused “then she might safely read the song of songs” (Gonzalez 79). Notably, the rationale interrupts potential silence that may be experienced in the scripture reading and study. Similarly, she uses liberal art such as poems in the form of arguments and dialogue from the religious writings to allow people to have full responsibility to the scripture, especially where conscious engagement is necessary for rhetorical theory. Additionally, she uses humor, dialogue and dialects to make the study of scripture functional among the Catholic Church and painless for the believers.

Furthermore, Sor Juana usessongs to complement the sermon and scripture understanding. For example, she wrote a simplified Catechismto mix the doctrines of Hyperdulia and Latria to show her knowledge of hylomorphism idea. This expression portrays an image from science in translating the Bible as well as the comparison of music and philosophy. Similarly, in her long poem which she dedicated to the Ascension of Mary and Incarnation, Sor uses a three-person dialogue to make the scripture understanding explicit and entertaining the congregation. In her poetry, she presents a mixture of interest and world which includes not only different social classes that exist within a similar culture but also the religion itself.

Sor Juana also uses Latin to help believers understand some of the scripture phrases which are being utilized in the religious setting (Gonzalez 56). Through the scientific application, the use of Latin in the study of scriptureacts as a demonstration equal poking of fun as well as higher erudition in the learning process.

Importance of Liberal art in Understanding Science

Liberal art has numerous skills such as self-expression, critical thinking, creative problem solving, lifelong learning, communication, and innovative research which are central in preparing one for lifelong education. As a result, Sor Juana adopted the former to in her treatise review to understand the latter because liberal art has several avenues that enable her to comprehend the situations that are around her. Similarly, as a prominent woman writer, liberal art lets her use her experiences as a nun in the making creating specific scientific problem-solving techniques. For example, in the negotiation for rhetoric silence and literacy letter which she was attached to for lifelong learning, Sor uses liberal art to create a simplified scientific approach in literary studies (Gonzalez 240).


The navigation of Sor Juana in the liberal art and science in the study of scripture enables Bishops and nuns to have a clear understanding of different problems that surround their cultures and societies. Sor uses Liberal art and science to improve her ability to commercialize the idea about the people. The connection enables her to interact with the believers in a happier and joyful manner.Sor also uses liberal learning art in the study of scripture to improve the understanding of important issues such as human relationships. On the other hand, science carries the simplified approach which enables the study of scriptures leisurely through use of references on the formulated hypotheses. However, liberal art shapes the scientific ramifications in the religious set up.

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