Ways of fighting racism in the USA

Ways of fighting racism in the USA

Racism is a specific form of discrimination based on the false belief that some groups are more superior than others. Racism in the US developed for the purposes of dividing the working class of US citizens and Africans who were considered as slaves (Anthias & Lloyd, 2005). This led to race discrimination of most Africans who were living in the US, and as a result, there was a need to fight against this discrimination.

Racism can be avoided through stipulation of human rights by a common body like UN which must be applied totally free of discrimination. This will ensure equity among citizens in the USA (Anthias & Lloyd, 2005). The rights must be in such a way that they favor every individual in the USA regardless of body color. Legal actions should, therefore, be taken against those individuals who do not adhere to stipulated rights.

Through education and awareness by teaching respect and tolerance by sharing a common history of humanity. Education opportunities and ability to gain knowledge increases everyone is able to gain as long as he/she desires. As education increases, people will be more open-minded and therefore ready to accept people from different diversity of races.

In conclusion, racism can be avoided through stipulation of human rights, education and awareness and setting up legal actions. This may help to eliminate and fight against race discrimination in the US.


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