Weight Watchers

Marketing refers to the activity, set of instructions and processes for creating delivering and exchanging offerings that have sentimental value to clients, customers, society and partners.  The dynamics of business dictates that one understands what a customer needs and values. A company’s short term and long term success depend on learning what the customer wants. Through different approaches, a marketer adds value.

According to Harvard professor of business, Theodore Levitt, the purpose of all companies is to find and to keep customers, and the only way one can achieve this goal is to create a competitive advantage, (Levitt, 1960)

The purpose of weight watchers marketers is to convince potential customers that you offer services similar to what they desire to achieve. For the weight watchers company, the outdoor advertising and the broadcast media of TV and Radio will be the preferred choices of marketing. This is because the organization is targeting clients 18 years to 65 years of age. The business doesn’t have a restriction on a particular gender, race or age of a person. Marketing will be direct to the customers so that they can subscribe to the program of losing weight. With the rising cases of obesity and other lifestyle diseases, the business intends to create a healthy culture of exercising. Nutrition is also an integral part of losing weight; therefore, the adverts should highlight the intended diet that is required by doctors.

Marketing strategy process entails understanding the customer, analyzing the market, analyzing the competition, defining market mix, determining market position, analyzing the market budget available then execution of the plan, (Hesket, 1976). A company’s strategy begins with setting objectives that support its overall goals and objectives. It also attempts to get a unique position to differentiate itself from competitors.

The weight watchers company chose outdoor advertising because it targets clients from a particular region or city. With a billboard, the clients can see the direction to the gym and the hours of operation. Most people who live around that area will find it reliable and suitable for their daily activities. Bus benches, taxis, bus bodies, and lighting signage are also options that can be utilized.

Advertising on the billboards can be costly to a startup company. In major cities, the rates are overpriced, and it will not be advisable to start with them. Also, many established companies may take all the billboard spaces with their big marketing budgets. The company may also utilize social media sites to get the word out. For example, with Facebook, a marketer can create a page that gets advertised at a desired region only. The rates are flexible depending on how much the company wishes to spend every month, (Cruz, 2018).

Radio and television are excellent channels of advertising. A good company targets prime time when everyone is tuned in to get to many potential clients. Since the company targets all ages and all genders, the broadcast advertising will augur well with the listeners. The marketers can even have a famous individual to do the promotion. Fitness experts can do instructional videos.

On the digital platform, well-choreographed videos are recorded and marketed. Short scenes of clients working out canbe uploaded sequentially on the social media pages frequently, (Singer, 2018). Another way of encouraging clients to pay a visit is by showing the improvements that members have undergone since joining.The millennials who are always on the internet can constantly be reminded to visit the gym.

In summary, different marketing communication channels are experimented. A survey on the most effective can be done and finally stick to them. Marketing is a continuous process that requires adaptation to market changing habits.



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