What about Bob

The movie what about bob is all about the bob Wiley who is a patient suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorders that have symptoms such as agoraphobia, hypochondria, multiple phobias, and dependent personality. He is afraid to attend the hospital and follows his therapist during his vacation to his home in New Hampshire. As a result, the therapist Dr. Leo Marvin get destructed and has a misfortune of taking on a new patient. The doctor refers bob to his book about health disorder but seem not enough and appears at the vacation to look for Leo for help.  The movie ends in a sad mood when Dr. Marvin refuses to help who goes away in despair.

The ethical conflict that presents in the movie is the refusal of Dr. Marvin to help Bob claiming that he is on vacation. He is a trained therapist who knows the ethics and professionalism that requires him to respond to the needs any time. However, he fails to adhere to the professionalism making him act unethically. I think this is not good as it goes against the ethical values that all medical professional is required to uphold in their line of duty.

Response to students post one

I found the information in the movie zero dark thirty to be right as they depict the exact event that unfolded in American history. The US indeed applied the use of interrogative tactics in their tactical approach to deal with Osama, but this was forbidden. I think it is not right to use such tactics which humiliate and degrade other prisoners at the expense of one person.

Response to student two post

The ethical issue in the movie the prince of tides is right because it is dangerous for medical professionals to have sexual relationships with their clits. This is against the code of ethics that guides such profession. It should be highly discouraged and should never be tolerated at any cost. The doctors and other medical professions should keep a personal distance with their clients to ensure they professionally help them.