What Adidas should do to be number one in the global sportswear industry

What Adidas should do to be number one in the global sportswear industry

Come up with Innovative and Smart Shoes

Adidas has been coming up with different strategies in its quest to outsmart Nike. However, to win this competition, Adidas should change its approach and start focusing on technology. The company should come up with an innovative plan for developing shoes that meet customers demand. With technology incorporated in shoes, the shoes will be able to revolutionize the world of athletics by increasing reliability and performance. According to time.com 2008 if Adidas is to focus on technology, then its users will be able to feel the reason behind Adidas idea of changing the field of athletics.

The new shoes should have processors and sensors that are tiny and support a small battery. The boots should have the ability to sense the sportsman’s heartbeat, breathing rate, body temperature, and ambient temperature. The sensor should be able to adjust the air pressure in the shoes. To save on the cost of production, Adidas should ensure that the electronic devices used in the shoes are reusable and can be recycled. The electronics should not be substantial and should be small in size to allow an athlete to navigate easily. Lastly, the shoes should have GPRS devices to help track the user. By so doing they will relate well with its users as the leading brand in innovation and quality producers. Its first users should be well known sponsored athletes this way they are in a position to push the new product to the user through celebrity advertisement.

Repositioning reebok

Adidas should get hold of reebok solely to serve the purpose of putting stiff competition on Nike. Reebok is known to help as regular fashion shoes and athletic shoes. This way Adidas will be offering service to everyone. The sole reason for buying Reebok is for Adidas to expand its market share as far as the African market. It will not be hard to promote Reebok shoes since Reebok has already built its name in the market for its taste of fashion.

Nonetheless, Adidas should be tactical in its move for it might cannibalize the umbrella brand. For the future purpose, Adidas should drive of Reebok by targeting the female market. The female market has an extensive opportunity since it has not yet been well exploited. Nike is trying with the new Air Jordan, but they are far from taking over the market.


Target the untapped market and different age groups

According to the New York Times (2008), a significant market share of Africa and Asia is yet to be tapped, and there is no company operating in that area. Adidas has a head start in the rise to Asia as it has already begun penetrating India China and Japan (The Economic Times, 2007). Adidas should try and partner with the local companies in those areas to set its root in the markets. If Adidas can sign a partnership with LI NING then with no doubt it can beat Nike. They can further penetrate the market by lowering the prices of their products in Africa and Asia.  Adidas is known for its pride as the quality mark of athletes, and by reducing its cost, it might lose the trust of its best athletes. This is where Reebok comes in. Reebok can play the role of serving the untapped market.

The field of cricket sport is yet to be tapped. Adidas should focus on serving such a market to stay ahead of Nike. Though not economically viable, Adidas should try to sponsor more event as they push their brand into the market by giving out presents to winners and taking part in charity event more in the sporting world. Adidas should make shoes that meet the demands of every age group. Adidas has a good taste of fashion. They can use this to meet these demands. They should target both the young and the old.


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