What are mechanisms by which evolution occurs?

What are mechanisms by which evolution occurs?

Natural selection. This is where certain offsprings have genetic qualities that are advantageous for survival and therefore prevail in that particular environment.  Therefore such organisms tend to dominate in that specific ecosystem. They have traits which enable them to outdo others in terms of competition for resources and struggle for survival.

Mutation.  This is an alteration in the generic composition chromosomes of an organism. These mutations help a body to acquire some benefits by altering its phenotypic composition by making it more adaptive to certain conditions in the environment. Therefore this causes a particular organism to dominate by reproducing more.

How do evolutionary biologists use the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium to assess evolutionary change?

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is a simple mathematical equation that enables biologists to describe a population using the genetic composition of an organism. In assessing the evolutionary change, biologists use a sample of community and use this information to determine the frequency of which genes are expected to change. That’s by determining a dominance gene and its expected rate of occurrence.

How long does it take for evolutionary change to occur? How is the time quantified?

Evolutionary change occurs in two phases that’s evolution that takes a long time to happen and development that takes a short time to occur. This can be quantified by assessing the population of the organisms. For example, insects are numerous because they reproduce almost every hour as compared to human beings whose production is measured in terms of years and months.

What evidence do scientists have about evolutionary change throughout the geologic record?

Scientists observed that rock layers had some fossil remains which occurred in the following form that is from the bottom to top. Those fossils that are found at the bottom were believed to be there earlier than the minerals that were on top. This shows that evolution has taken place since the earlier years up to date.

What effects does evolution have on distribution patterns and ecosystem structure?

Human beings are dominant dominated species since evolution started to take place in the environment. They have completely altered the situation by carrying out social activities. Such include hunting and gathering which made some species more extinct. Actions like the clearing of forests lead to climate change causing an effect on the ecosystem as there are species that depend on trees for shelter.

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