What Career Is Best For Me?

What Career Is Best For Me?

“The Physicians Highest Calling, His Only Calling, Is To Make Sick People Healthy. To Heal, As It Is Termed” – Samuel Hahnemann. This quote by Samuel has always motivated me to admire being a medical practitioner. Being a medic requires one to love their work and be patient with patients who are not patient. In my case, I have always had a passion for being a psychiatric medical assistant. I admire this career because the world we are currently living in is full of mental cases that need proper addressing. For someone to decide on which career path to take, you must first have passion and drive for that particular career. During my research, i realized that mental disorders result from various medical conditions and may lead to madness if not treated. As a psychiatric medical assistant, I would be more than willing to assist mentally impaired as well as emotionally distressed patients because I have a passion and urge to offer help.

Being a psychiatric aid to me is fun. I chose this particular career because the daily activities associated with it are of interest to me. They include activities like recording as well as maintaining information of the patient like behavior and discharge plans. The second activity is encouraging and providing support physically and emotionally to psychiatric patients (Plan.com par 3). Finally, mental aids help in assessing as well as detecting their health-related problems.


This job has various opportunities that later on come with it. The probable opportunities include getting sufficient psychological knowledge.  Acquiring knowledge on diagnostic procedures as well as career counseling guidelines is also a significant opportunity for the medical assistant (Careeronestop par11). Providing medical assistants with expertise in listening and understanding patients is an opportunity that also helps them to create a good relationship with patients.


The employment of medical assistants is likely to increase by the year 2029 significantly. The increase is much higher percentage wise than in any other career. With the admission of more psychiatric patients, Psychiatrists are more likely to hire more assistants to carry out routine clinical duties. By doing so, it will enable them to see more patients (USDL par 6). When it comes to payment, psychiatric medical assistants were receiving a salary of $32,480 in May 2017 which is quite impressive.

In conclusion, being an assistant psychological assistant is the career path that I would love to take. This is a field that will provide me with a platform to learn more about mental conditions and bring hope to the mentally challenged people. It is also a field with open employment opportunities. Apart from the job being my primary interest it provides various learning opportunities and is accompanied by a manageable salary that will be able to sustain me. I, therefore, intend to work even harder academically to realize grades that will enable me to stand a better chance in securing a place as a psychiatric medical assistant.”


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