What is the significance of Noumbe having a heart condition?

What is the significance of Noumbe having a heart condition?

Initially, what did you believe the three days were referring to?

The three days refers to the days Noumbe was preparing for her husband’s visit. The three days also shows us how Noumbe loved her husband, Mustapha. This is demonstrated by her preparations to receive Mustapha who went out to other wives. Also, the three days refers to the polygamous nature of this society as Noumbe was the third wife of Mustapha.

What is the significance of Noumbe having a heart condition? Do you believe its symbolic?

Her heart condition tries to give us a view on how Noumbe was feeling toward her husband, Mustapha. The term explains to us the effects of rejection the women have in this society. This symbolizes the difficulties women in this society undergoes due to negligent they receive from their husbands.

What do Noumbe’s patients say about who she is and how she feels about Mustapha?

Her patience depicts that she is responsible for her duties as a mother. She takes the responsibility of taking care of her children when Mustapha is out for the three days to other wives. Her patience also tells us that she loves and cares for Mustapha. Despite he being away, she cooks food for him, waits for him till late, and she doesn’t leave him because of his negligence to her family an children.

Do you believe that Mustapha was with his fourth wife during Noumbe’s three days?

When Noumbe sends out her children to look for their father, they came and said they found him with his friends at Voulimata’s where he had sped his three days. Noumbe believed that Mustapha would not have spent her three days to the first and second wife as she said they were old for him to stay with them.

Mid-discussion questions

When Mustapha does show up, how do his actions show how he feels about Noumbe?

Mustapha seems he doesn’t care about her condition. When Noumbe faints, he starts accusing her about her being jealous. He does not even bother to help her where he says that she be given just ash and she will be alright. He then moves out and goes his way with his other two friends accusing her of going out to work.

Was Aida a good friend when she continued to tell Noumbe that Mustapha as on his way?

Aida was a good friend as she kept on giving Noumbe hopes about the return of her husband. She took the responsibility of supporting her to feed her children by giving her francs to buy food for the children.

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