Is the white-picket-fence dream dead?

Is the white-picket-fence dream dead?

Prompt 1:

Goff argues that the white-picket-fence American dream is “dead,” or disappearing, because it is too hard for people to achieve. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? You can support your essay by citing examples from Goff, your interview, and any other reliable resources you find.


  • You need at least 4 sources for this essay. One source will be your interview.
  • Other possible sources: the Goff and Amadeo articles, class notes, images of statistics and opinion polls, or any otherreliable sources you find (do not use an obscure or anonymous website).
  • You MUST mention the source of EACH quotation and paraphrase, or your outline will be considered plagiarized.
  • Your final essay will be 5-7 pages long, or a minimum of 1750 words, not including the Works Cited page.


  1. Intro: clearly state your thesis. Examples:
    • I agree with Goff that the white-picket-fencedream is dying, because…
    • Unlike Goff, I do NOT believe that thewhite-picket-fence dream is dying, because…

Type your thesis here:

I agree with Goff that the white-picket-fence dream is dying since a lot has changed and most people do not have the means or ability to actualize this dream.



  1. Body Part 1: (In this section, you will give an overview of the 3 main American dreams to help your reader understand what they are.)How is the white-picket-fence dream different from/similar to the founding fathers’ dream AND the new American dream?



The Founding Fathers’ Dream

The dream was all about ensuring that everyone in the society had an equal chance when it came to living a comfortable and happy life. This dream did not have anything about getting rich.


People here want to attain the best possible jobs; those that will pay them the most amount of money. As a result, they will afford to live in favorable homes and attain other things that they desire in life.

The New American Dream

This dream tends to focus on things that really matter. This includes things like contributing positively in the community, spending more time with friends and family, creating a meaningful life e.t.c. (obama care, Clinton)

The difference between the white-picket-fence dream and the others is that it is more concerned with generating capital; people are more concerned with getting rich. The other dreams have the element of enhancing the well-being of the society.



  1. Body Part 2: (In this section, you will try to convince your reader of your thesis, or main claim.)

In your thesis, you argued that the American dream is or is NOT dying. What main points and evidence will you use to support this thesis?


The white-picket-dream is dying due to the benchmarks that are associated with it. The dream is more about home ownership, owning good cars, educating children and having stable families. The dreams of most people living in America do not involve some of these issues.






  1. Body Part 3: In the essay, you will include part or all of your interview, explaining whether the interview supports or refutes your thesis.

Briefly summarize the relevant parts of your interview:


In the interview, Howard said that he thought the American dream was dying because people do not have values anymore. Nowadays, they only think about money and care about happiness. He asserts that if people will continue to uphold these self-centered ideologies, they should not think about attaining the American Dream. It would only bring more miseries than happiness.

Does your interview support or refute your thesis? Explain here:


The interview seems to support the thesis. The white-picket-fence dream is dying since people are changing their ideologies.



  1. Conclusion: Restate your main points:
    1. Restate the main reasons why the American dream is or isn’t dying:


The white-picket-fence dream is dying since a lot has changed and most people do not have the means or ability to actualize this dream. People’s perception about the American dream has also changed with time.


  1. Conclude your essay with a final thought or quotation:


The way people used to view the American dream has changed significantly. People have changed their priorities and the ability to achieve the white-picket-fence dream is becoming unrealistic for many people due to limited resources.
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