White Privilege

The author used the words “invisible package of unearned assets “to refer to the white privileges.  By unearned, it means that the whites get these privileges for free. They do not work harder for them. They are offered these privileges in secret without the knowledge of any authority involved. Assets in this context mean valuable items owned by individuals. Provisions mean supplies made to an individual. In this context, whites are supplied with items like clothes tools and visas .

From the text, the factor that makes men dominate is that fact that they are offered unacknowledged privileges. It is from these kind of privileges that they get excess power . They think that they own everything and everyone. They do this unconsciously .Through these privileges, they dominate the world because of the strength they possess.From the text  the author suggests that earnes privillages  can be cashed and are assets while systemic privileges are unearned like gender oriuentation , religion , physical ability, age  and ethnicity .

These ideas are rhetoric as the author  is trying to find ways of staying unaware concerning white privileges but at the same time she acknowledged the fact that whiteness protected her from a range of hostilities . means that she is trying to fight the aspect of inequality in terms of treatment but acknowledged that being white has numerous privileges. Some of the white privileges she mentions are ; protection from violence and distress.

These attitude instills the power brought about by dominance in the minds and actions by whites . In this case they continue to be awarded all the privileges . Such actions makes them think that they are more special than the rest of the individuals. Therefore, barriers tend to rise and a result of increased inequality between races.

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