Whitney Houston Eulogy

The distinguished guests, the family, and friends of Whitney Houston, it is with deep sadness as I express how we all feel as we say goodbye to Whitney Houston. Whitney is a lady that was always there for her family both the time of Joy and the time of sadness. In times of trouble, she encouraged her family. She was born on the 9th of August in the year 1963 in Newark. She was a singer and her first album she released at the age of 22. In the year 1992, she married Bobby Brown who was also a singer. Whitney Houston was the daughter of Cissy and John Russell, a sister to Gary Garland and Michael Houston. The wife to Bobby Brown, a mother to  Bobbi Kristina, a cousin to many, an aunt and a friend to many people

( James,2018).She joints school, and after some years she graduated. Many people liked the way she was singing, many loved her songs, and we all wished that she could have lived longer to entertain us many years, indeed Houston you will be missed by many people, anytime we listen your song will always remember you, you will always remain in our hearts.

Your family will miss you more, and they wished that you didn’t go soon. We accept that you are gone and that you will never come back again. We have hope that we will meet once yet and that your spirit will always be with us.  We remember you today, Whiney Houston for your kind heart that you had, you were able to nature the talents of young people especially in the music department as well as helping those musicians that were not financially stable, and the once that were able to express their talents. Whitney also had the dreams of helping more musicians so that they can stand on their own and making sure that they have maintained their skills. She will be remembered because of the good things she left behind. However, we always wish that we were able to save your life from death and make you live again.

Although Whitney Houston died before accomplishing all the goals she had, there is still hope since the family and the friends will help in completing those mission in remembrance of their daughter. We are all urged to utilize our talents when we are alive as well as improving the lives of the needy as Whitney did when she was active. At the age of 48 Whitney, Houston died in the year  2012, and this was as a result of the drowning accident which happened in the hotel of Beverly in Los Angeles. The whole world lost it’s a legendary musician who was a star in the industry of the music. Since most of her songs are well known in the world as a whole, they will be played regularly in respect of our musician since her songs had encouraging words that she was using to encourage people of all the ages (Miller,2016). Among the features of the Whitney that she will be remembered with is that she was humble, honest,  hardworking, and she was fully committed to her work. Whitney live life to her fullest and she was always focusing on the positive side of the experience.

Among many things that Whitney Houston will be remembered in by many people, I will use two quotes that will always make me remember Whitney Houston. First, We should not mourn for Whitney Houston since she is not dead; instead, she is just away from us. A day will also come when we will be away from our loved one, but the question remains that, what will we live back as our legacy? We must do good things to society for they will make us be remembered while we will be away from our loved one. Second,  losing a loved one is not the most significant loss. Instead, the greatest loss is what dies inside us without being accomplished. Although the death of the Whitney Houston may seem like a loss to the family and the world at large, in a real sense, she did her best in the years that she lived. She left a mark of being the star in the music industry as well as being able to nature the lives of other musicians

( Rdhaiwi et al.,20116).Some of the jokes she said when she was alive include:`There will be a massive line outside of Whitney Houston’s funnel coming week,’ and it was coincident since it is the one that killed her. Also, she said is that her favorite movie was that of `waiting to Exhale.’ Shine your way as you dance with the Angles in heaven. Goodbye.

Poem to comfort the family of Whitney Houston

Please do not cry for me.

I am okay.

Heaven is my new home now.

Place where I will stay forever.

My beloved family let me Rest in peace.





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