Who created the video?

  1. Who created the video?


The video was created by  Al-Muhajirun which is a group banned due to its linkage with terrorism.

  1. Why were Bamiyan Buddha statues destroyed according to the video?


The Bamiyan Buddha statues were destroyed because Abbasi Khilafah was convinced that people were worshipping the statutes which are a high violation of the Islamic teachings of the worship of gods other than Allah.  Mullah Omar also ordered for their destruction for they encouraged idol worshipping in Islamic culture.

  1. Why did they document the destruction of the great Buddha statues?


The Taliban had to show the world on their stand against ‘Idol’ worshiping and believed that only Allah should be worshiped. I think the purpose of documenting such activities is to raise a stir on the fundamentals of what they believe is appropriate for the Islamic community and also to cause a public outcry of their activities if certain demands are not met. Finally, to raise fears of their involvement in ‘terrorism’ activities and to become relevant as amongst the most feared terrorist organizations in the world.


  1. How does the destruction of artworks and cultural artifacts affect a community?


Destruction of the artworks and cultural artifacts could lead to the eradication of a particular community’s cultural structure. One cannot fully understand the origin of a specific community if their artifacts are either looted or destroyed.


  1. Should the statues be reconstructed? What are the pros and cons of this venture?

I think they should be reconstructed although it seems to be an ambitious project that only works theoretically. However, there could be some advantages of the reconstruction of the statues such as restoration of a lost cultural monument, creation of employment and improvement of the economy due to tourism.

On the flip side, reconstruction of the statues would be a disadvantage. It would be a subject of bombing from other terrorist groups who still believe the statues would bring idolatry. The reconstruction would consume a lot of resources that would be allocated in developing infrastructure in the remote areas of Afghanistan.

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