Why an American would seek Asylum in Brazil

Why an American would seek Asylum in Brazil

America is no longer a home that is favorable for black Americans. The freedom that black Americans hoped for after the end of segregation and racism era has turned sour. Therefore, this paper discusses why black Americans would seek asylum in Brazil.

The first aspect to look at is the number of unarmed black Americans who have been killed by the police in the U.S. To understand this, there is a need to check the data sets on Officers Involved Shootings (OIS) that have been amassed impressively by journalists and academics. The Washington Post provided important facts about individuals killed by police officers in the year 2015.The report revealed that police fatally shoot about 1000 individuals every year, an incident that has sparked protest. It further showed that white police officers killing unarmedblacksaccounted for less than 4% of the fatal police shooting (Fryer 1). In the same year, the Guardian posted that about 1,134 Americans died at the hand of police. The post emphasized that black males aged 15-34 account for 2% of the 15% of all deaths logged in 2015 (Fryer 1). Probably, 25% that were killed were unarmed which is 8% higher than whitesare (Fryer 1). The VICE data showed a catalog of 4,400 individuals involved in OIS from 2014 to 2016. It stated that 55% of the shot victims were blacks, which is double the share of the black population in this jurisdiction (Fryer 1).

The second aspect to consider is the statistics of blacks being incarcerated. A Guardian post entitled,‘Black Americans incarcerated five times more than white people,' argues that blacks were imprisoned in state prisons at an average rate of five times (Puglise 1). According to the recently conducted census, the U.S population is composed of 12.2% blacks, 63.7% non-Hispanic whites, 0.4% Hispanic blacks, and 8.7% Hispanic whites (Puglise 1). Overall, Oklahoma had the highest incarceration with 2,625 black inmates in a population of 100,000 residents (Puglise 2).

Thirdly, an elaborate description of how South Carolina has the right to seize people’s money from driving on the interstate is to be regarded. South Carolina has implemented a civil asset forfeiture law to confiscate people's money. The law implemented states that South Carolina police can seize someone's money or property in situations where firearms have been seized during gang-related crimes, equipment used in wiretapping violations and inventory from counterfeiting crimes.Once the money or property have been seized, getting it back depends on whether the property was derivative contraband or contraband per se. The use of the civil forfeiture law has led to numerous money seizures from motorists driving on the interstate.

Lastly, multiple studies have shown that black Americans are terrified of the police due to recent years of increased brutality. A study conducted by Geller et al. (2014) showed those black men who reported having more police contact, which was most often unfair and intrusive, exhibited more symptoms of trauma and anxiety. A similar experience has occurred across the whole country. Conclusively, due to these pressing issues, many black Americans are prompted to flee America to safer places like Brazil.




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