Why I Wish To Be an English Teacher

Why I Wish To Be an English Teacher

I have always had a passion for teaching. My dream career is to be an English teacher, and I consider myself personally suited to teaching English as a foreign language. Teaching as a profession is responsible for changing the world and nurturing future responsible citizens. I have always had a strong urge to be at the forefront among world changers. The education system has taught me essential life values which I have lived with my entire life, and it is only fair if I also pas it to the next generation, as a teacher. English is the third largest spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. It is my first language and added with the English classes I have attended, and I would be very effectively suited to teaching English as a foreign language.

I have always loved interacting with people, more so young people. As an English teacher, I will communicate with many people; including children daily during lessons. Having an impact in young people’s lives at an early age will help further my ambition of making this world a better place. This is a profession whose results are visible with time and can be measured by progress students make over the years. It is fulfilling to see students make progress from what they have learned in class and the interactions they’ve had with their teachers.

As an English language teacher, I can be able to work anywhere in the world. Teaching is a stellar job because every community in all corners of the world has a school. I love interacting with people from different cultures; it is a precious learning opportunity. As a teacher, I can be able to work and explore different counties across the globe. Many international schools have come up which makes it much easier to work from one country to another. I will be satisfied with my career in teaching knowing that making I a positive impact in lives across the globe. This interaction with people from different backgrounds will help me learn and understand the world from other’s perspective as well. This interaction will enhance my creativity and broaden my understanding, hence personal growth.

Language, Especially English is my passion. Once I become an English teacher I will be doing what I love doing; it will not even seem like doing a job. This is a satisfaction most people do not find in their careers. To get to do this every day is something I dream about and all my efforts in school are geared towards it. Sharing this enthusiasm for my love of the English language is a great feeling that compares to nothing I have ever done.

As a teacher, I will also be able to evaluate myself as well as learn new things every day, from the lessons in class as well as from out of class research I would be conducting before my lessons. Learning is a continuous process and being a teacher will provide me with this opportunity to learn daily. During lessons, students usually provide feedback, knowingly sometimes unknowingly, to the teacher. This instant feedback from students will help me evaluate myself and improve on my weak areas as a teacher. Teaching as a career is a devotion to learn, throughout our lives.

I always want to inspire students not only academically but also in other aspects of their lives outside the classroom. I will have this opportunity when I become a teacher, to motivate and become a role model for my students. I dream of embodying that person they would like to become when they grow up. As a teacher, I will golden opportunities to make them realize they can be anything they want to be and achieve all that they want to achieve once they believe in themselves, that they can do all that they put their minds into. Also, I love to offer guidance and counseling as well. Apart from teaching English, I will provide guidance and counseling to my students and help them solve any problems they face both at school and at home.

In conclusion, I am driven by a passion for everything I plan to do. I have a strong desire and love for both teaching and the English language. It will be a dream come true having an opportunity to teach English as a foreign language. It will accord me the chance to impact lives and inspire the next generation positively.