Why it is Inevitable for Organizations to Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Why it is Inevitable for Organizations to Embrace Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial-Intelligence) is one of the recent technology trends that has numerous impacts on the strategic focus of most organizations. AI is a new information system, which according to Laudon and Jane is an outcome of the problem-solving process of an organization (541). As a coalition of people, the primary purpose of a company is to offer faster and cheaper intelligent solutions. However, in most instances, firms are unable to provide quick or outstanding resolutions. Nonetheless, AI has the potential to disrupt an organization’s strategic focus by replicating the function of employees (Askary, Nasser and Yasean, 316). Consequently, through AI, firms can capture the collective and individual knowledge as well as extend the company’s culture.

AI Increases the Current and Future Value of Firms

To undertake their current and future operations more effectively firms must embrace AI. Notably, organizations will continue to enhance the customer experience by replacing physical stores with online shops. Accordingly, firms will require multiple product websites to enable clients to place orders more efficiently. RPA (Robotic-Process-Automation), which is one of the forms of AI, is designed to automate data processing activities such as website management. Consequently, through AI, firms will enhance online shopping by minimizing the cost, time and risk of error of collecting and processing order information. Equally, the close connection between AI and IoT (Internet-of-Things) will intensify the significance of artificial intelligence, particularly in terms of big data management, as more devices are connected to the internet. Consequently, firms must continue embracing artificial intelligence.


To remain afloat, a business must integrate AI in all business activities. The technology enhances the customer shopping journey and facilitates the management of big data generated through IoT. Therefore, AI is a significant game-changer in the current business environment that disrupts the strategic focus of organizations.


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