Why London should be made the World’s Capital

Why London should be made the World’s Capital

After centuries of technological growth and continued progress in international cooperation, the world has become more connected than it was in the earlier days. As a result of this cooperation, many countries have established various forms of economic partnership which have facilitated the movement of goods, ideas and various commodities from one country to another. However, the resulting global growth has got a wide range of impacts which are politically charged and complicated, thus, it has become difficult for all nations to benefits the current international cooperation. The inability to attain an overall benefit from globalization can be attributed to the lack of a global capital where all the activities can be controlled. For all countries to benefit from the current international cooperation, London should, therefore, be made the world’s capital as it is endowed with many features that can support this function.

The presence of an advanced communication network that makes it accessible to all parts of the world. The city of London has a broad connection of communication network which comprises of roads, railways, airlines, seaports and other forms of transport that connects it to other cities. The presence of modern airports in London makes it easier for people to move from other continents to London to attend different engagements(Williams, 2018). London is also connected to most of the cities in Europe through rail networks and road connection which facilitates smooth movement of goods and people. The availability of advanced communication network in London, therefore, makes it more suitable to be used as the world’s capital.

London has got numerous infrastructural facilities which can serve as the headquarters of various world organizations. The city of London has got some of the most magnificent architectural infrastructural facilities which can act as the centers to some of the world’s most significant organizations. London has got numerous hotels and restaurants which can suit all budgets and tastes, and this implies that the city has reached the capacity to accommodate all categories of individuals who visit the city(O’Brien, 2018). The considerable presence of modern infrastructural facilities in London, therefore, makes it more suitable center to be used as the world’s capital.

The city is located in the central part of Europe; thus, it is accessible to the rest of the world. London is geographically positioned in a region where it is directly available to the other parts of the world either through the sea or air. Due to its central location, it is easy to coordinate most of the world businesses while using London as the center of control(O’Brien, 2018). Moreover, it is relatively cheaper for individuals to travel from other continents such as Africa to London, this is because its centrality to the rest of the world makes both the sea route and the distance on air to be shorter. The central location of London, therefore, makes it more suitable to be used as the world’s capital.

To ensure that all the nations will benefit from the current world cooperation, the city of London should be crowned as the word’s capital, and this is because of its characteristic features which makes it more suitable for this function. Some of the desirable characteristics of London which makes it an adequate world capital include: the advanced communication network, infrastructural facilities and the centrality of the city. The selection of London as the world’s capital will, therefore, enhance worldwide cooperation for the benefit of all nations.




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