(Solved) Windsheild Survey Paper

Final Project Part 1 – Health Hazards and Solutions
Part 1 of the project is submitted through Turnitin.

After a complete survey (assessment) of the community using the windshield survey tool, the nurse will determine the highest risk of illness or injury to persons within the community. Give thought to an attainable goal. Contemplate what types of intervention(s) would best bring about the goal (Teaching is an intervention also!). Begin thinking about the various supplies, etc. that might be needed for the intervention(s).

Instructions for Windshield Survey Paper

Recognizing Health Hazards / Existing Needs and Possible Solutions
The role of the professional nurse in community health includes planning and developing programs and services (interventions, actions) to prevent or reduce the chance of illness or injury to their community. Programs and services may also be needed to manage current illnesses or needs of persons within the community. Empowering the community act on its behalf is very important to building healthy communities.

Below is the link to the Windshield Survey Tool. Fill it out as much as possible in your community survey.

Windshield Survey Tool – see attached file

(You can google this for reference – But the assignment is the APA 2- 5 page paper )My Community Survey: A YouTube example

Specific to your chosen community, discuss your community in an APA formatted paper to include:2 ( I live in South Carolina, near Clemson and Seneca) I think it would be best to do Seneca. I just searched vital stats, and found lots of info on population etc; there is one hospital that serves the entire Oconee COunty. Population approx 9,000. lots of obesity observed, especially in the youth. My end project (3 parts) will focus on childhood obesity and partner with the elem schools nearby – Northside Elem, Ravenel Elem, and Keowee Elem.) I can figure out geographical boundaries once it is complete. I realize that this is more involved than just a paper. I am hoping that you can evaluate your surrounding community, and fill in a couple of details as described above. please message me of you have any questions

§ Title page

§ Minimum of 2-pages and a maximum of 5-pages

§ Reference page

§ Headings (page 62 of the APA manual)

The title and reference pages do not count in the page limit.
Support your information from researched sources. Government and city information can be found online. Sites such as vital statistics for the community, the Chamber of Commerce, and CDC can provide valuable information. Speaking with people in the community is always a great resource.

The APA paper will include:

§ Provide a description of your selected community. Include demographics, mortality and morbidity, as well as strengths for the area.

§ Identify what you see as the #1 health risk/ hazard in your community from your windshield survey.

§ Discuss your goal for your selected community according to the identified health risk/hazard you selected.

§ What interventions, plans, and actions (strategy) would be needed to help the community reach the goal? (Chapter 13 in your textbook will be helpful.) Your goals are to be specific, measurable, achievable, and time limited.

§ Discuss the outcomes you expect from your interventions to resolve or minimize the effects of the identified health risk/hazard for your community




In community health, the major role of professional nurses is to identify health risks and develop programs aimed at preventing or reducing the chances of injury or illness as a result of the hazard identified. Managing current needs or illness with the community is also part of community health, and a professional nurse should work in collaboration with the society to empower the people. This paper will focus on the Seneca community and identify health risks in the community. The paper will focus on childhood obesity as the major health concern in the community. Furthermore; the paper will contemplate and develop an intervention plan guided by a goal and evaluate the outcomes expected from the intervention action.


Seneca is a community located in Oconee County, South Carolina. As per the latest census in 2010, the community had a population of 8, 102 and was estimated to be around 8,479 by July 2018. 55.4% of this population was female with the rest 44.6% being male. Young people under the age of 18 years make up 21.2% of the population. The population is ethnically diverse with the largest

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