Wireless networks

3G networks have become somehow unpredictable with the dynamic markets in the current technological dispensation (Ratasuk et al., 2015 Feb). No wonder companies are shifting from its use to the 4G technology. Nonetheless, the number of 3G networks types exceed those of 4G. Market trends have become elusive; they are the ones that determine the kind network required in a particular area. For instance, Africa, Asia, and Europe majorly utilize the GSM 3G network.///

On the other hand, the top two carriers in the US have technology backward which are well-suited to GSM 3G grids. The number 4 and one respectively carried the CDMA 3G network (Lu et al., 2015). The CDMA 3G technology carrier users do not have much trouble while switching the system to 4G LTE (the global standard for 4G networks). The advantages of 3G networks are that they have various languages, are target platform dependents and possess few limitations with the kind of application which can be written or used for the technology. The 4G grid would have few challenges particularly in applications with performance and speed determinants. Furthermore, their speed is better than that of the 3G technology. No wonder it is being embraced by many businesses today (Nicopolitidis et al., 2018).

The disadvantage of a 3G network is that it is not as speedy as the 4G. Again, it is very costly to develop. The diverse languages and its size is also a pitfall mainly I areas that are densely populated. For investors that utilize applications requiring massive data, 3G networks’ utilization would result in zero ROI over 4g network utilization.  On the other hand, the 4G networks have the disadvantage of the high cost of deployment.  Again it requires training for people to be versatile with it. The workforce requirement is expensive to non-3G users. Moreover, choosing the language to use from the various styles available can be complicated or confusing in some instances without raw industry information that can aid in supporting voice traffic or data volumes (Lu et al., 2015).

Nicopolitidis (et al., 2018) states that WiMAX is founded on an IP broadband access system which is wireless and offers performance equivalent to Wi-Fi networks/802.11 with the complete cellular networks coverage. It is also defined as the wireless digital system of communication within an IEEE 802 framework. It is specially created for large networks like metropolitan areas. The broadband speeds for this technology covers a 30-mile area (Ratasuk et al., 2015 Feb). WiMAX just like Wi-Fi is easily supported and similar. The frequencies for WiMAX may either be unlicensed or licensed. As a result, a favorable economic model and atmosphere for other carriers like Sprint. The benefit arising out of this network is the option that facilitates the espousal of sophisticated radio characteristics established into models. The implication of using this network is the reduced cost of the radios that are created by the carriers of wireless technology.  The 4G network is the same as WiMAX as a parallel network.

The main top 10 trends of technology in the system of 4G that will be rolled out in 2019 may be different from those created in 2018 (Lu et al., 2015). Technological analysts suggest that plans on technology will significantly impact organization s in the modern world. Concerns and issues include supply chain or business, disruptions related to end users, and ICT frustrations, among others. Long-Term strategies are at risk as companies select the appropriate technology. Organizations in the current world are striving to merge the virtual world with the real one.

Additionally, companies desire more intelligence in every area of the organization. This kind of technology will cause changes in the digital business (Nicopolitidis et al., 2018). Mobile devices have been significantly enhanced to work within the parameters of business.  Every organization now and in the future must integrate their systems to mobile technologies. Wearables are other popular systems in the current dispensation and industry that adapt them to early success.  Verizon’s’ 4G mobile phones are costlier than several other carries although many subscribers of wireless technologies utilize them. Additionally, businesses should handle the issue of remote branch offices utilization. Wide Area Networks (WANs) can be established as primary or back-up links. The company should consider this network as that which changes intensely per carrier (Ratasuk et al., 2015 Feb).

The writer’s position concerning wireless protocol is as described below. People should consider wireless technologies as devices and media that are utilized by the subscriber and the network company transmitting the virtual data respectively. The technology evolves with the growing number of subscribers every day. Companies should be able to establish the most efficient technologies required in doing business (Ratasuk et al., 2015 Feb). WAP has widely been used as a model for supporting different protocols. WAP is among the standards for server communications communicating to each other.  This technology can also be utilized as a link between mobile devices and the internet. WAP is founded offline with classified convention stacks. The compact tool using WAP has a browser which connects within the gateway for WAP and then will request to collect more data from the dedicated servers. This data could be a web page or e-mail.  The information is transferred to a mobile device which will depend on the device for people to receive the information.


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