Woman Gives Birth on Hospital Lawn

In your opinion, do you believe the nurses that turned the pregnant woman away were following professional and/or personal codes of conduct acceptable in any medical field (US or foreign)?

I don’t think the nurses that turned down the pregnant woman were following a personal code of conduct at all. However, I feel like there is a bigger picture here. The clinic that the pregnant woman went to was a rural one, and if that clinic was packed with people with more severe problems then I could see why this happened. This would then or should then turn into a government problem that should be fixed. The nurses may have been using the limited resources they have to support those who need it the most. If the nurses were doing it on purpose because the woman was indigenous then that becomes an issue that should be resolved and not tolerated. I don’t believe this should happen to anyone, anywhere, but the reality is that there are many countries around the world that do not have sufficient basic medical care for their people and it should be up to the developed nations to help out. I believe an investigation would be needed to find out why this incident happened.

Beyond the reasons given in the article, what is your opinion as to WHY the woman was turned away? Are these good reasons? Explain.

The only viable answer to turn away a pregnant woman from care at a clinic is one of two reasons. One, the resources at the clinic were so limited that the nurses had no other choice but to deny her care, because there was just no room at all to accommodate her or that the clinic had some type of disease which would compromise the health of the woman and her child if she was accepted to the clinic. However, I feel like there was probably a little bias because she was indigenous, and if so, this would not be a good reason at all to deny a pregnant woman medical care because every human being deserves the right to be treated humanely and not inferior based only on their skin color or ethnic background.

In your opinion, does the hospital and its staff owe the woman and her family anything beyond what they did after the baby was born? Explain your answer.

Like I said in my previous statements it would depend on the circumstances. A thorough investigation needs to be taken to see if the hospital did everything they could to assist the pregnant woman. If the investigation turned out that the hospital staff did this on purpose, then the hospital should be sued and the family should be given money for what they had to go through. On the other hand, if it turns out that the hospital did everything they could, then it should be the government’s duty to ensure that there is enough medical resources for its people to receive proper care, and other countries and organizations should pressure countries, like Mexico, to do the same.

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