Women and Leadership


Currently, there is enormous progress on the role of women in the corporate world, but they still face limited leadership opportunities. I find the topic interesting to research since I am a woman and have been in the leadership position for more than 15 years. Women have the same right as men to engage actively and dominate the leadership posts in the society. Organizations should consider it a priority to have gender diversity in leadership since there are significant benefits when we have women filling in leadership roles in various facets of the society (Daniel, Boyatzis & Mckee, 2002). Women still believe in gender role, and they understand that motherhood is a problem to them and particularly those in leadership. Society is being affected by gender-stereotype expectations. Moreover, traditionally, women do not practice both motherhood and professional roles. Based on gender roles and gender stereotype expectations, women believe that for one to assume a leadership position, she must sacrifice the family and personal life.

Gender stereotyping has forced women to decline embracing individualism but to accept that men are superior and have career advantage over them. The success of an individual depends on her leadership styles. Therefore, one will build her leadership styles by combing personal traits, and professional goals and vision. The characteristics of female leaders relate to transformational, collaborative and context-driven models. Regarding men, their leadership styles focus on performance, decision-making and transactional. Women are ideal for leadership positions since they are capable of employing personal, interpersonal and professional domains. Women should perceive leadership in terms of actions and style rather than dominant position and power. Besides, women leaders will attain their goals if they find and make use of opportunities in their personal and professional lives.



Daniel, G., Boyatzis, R., & Mckee, A. (2002). Primal leadership: Realizing the power of emotional intelligence. Harvard Business School Press, USA.

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