Woodingdeam Medical Centre Quality Management

Woodingdeam Medical Centre Quality Management

Hospital demands have been increasing at a higher rate thus increased desire for improved services and lowered costs. Hospitals have therefore been forced to reevaluate the way they conduct their quality assurance for the operations. This is in efforts to improve their services as well as create a positive reputation in society. As a result, Woodingdeam Medical Centre has incorporated quality management techniques in their operations to ensure their improved processes for the betterment of their services. Their quality management technique has included continuous quality improvement (CQI) also referred to as total quality management (TQM) that has ensured improved and consistency in quality services. Therefore, the paper will examine the implementation and suitability of the quality management skills in the hospital facilitating their services delivery.

Globally, the state of health has been under tremendous pressure due to changing technology thus a need for reforms to the sector. Thus, as Woodingdeam Medical Centre embraces the quality management technique in their operations, they have been able to achieve their goals and improve the state o their services which have always been their primary goal. Through enhanced services, customer loyalty has achieved an aspect that helps in the competitive range with rival hospitals. As they reach a competitive advantage, they have been able to dominate and retain their level in the market thus increased profitability despite it being an end objective on their operations.

Quality management systems in the hospital operations have also helped in improved credibility and reputations in their services. Through the improved standards of their services in a consistent manner, Woodingdeam Medical Centre has been able to remain dominant in the market niche thus earning their credibility from the society. In as much as they have been ready to embrace the new technology and management skills, they have been able to compete in the market. Therefore, quality management has been a leading trigger for the increased credibility and image retention for the hospital through the years.

Being a quality management principle, Woodingdeam Medical Centre has been able to ensure they achieve customer satisfaction. Though they have always had their customers satisfied with their services, through quality management technique, there has been an improvement in customer satisfaction thus increased customer loyalty. As the hospital retain more client, there are more returning patients thus increased profitability as well as an enhanced brand name through the quality services that satisfy their customers.

Quality management techniques have helped the facility in identifying their areas of improvement and costs savings approaches. Thus, through improved operations and cost savings methods, the hospital has lowered its charges on different services thus favoring the customers. As this happens, more customers are experienced n the hospital thus increased demand r their services which in return leads to a competitive advantage as well as an increase in their profitability.

Decision-making criteria through quality management is an aspect that has been improved and enhanced in the hospital. Through their adopted skills, they have been able to change various ways through which they based on decisions thus coming up with modernized methods in decision making. By making decisions based on evidence rather than feelings, the managerial team has been able to achieve and focus on areas o improvements thus efficiency in their operations. Great decision-making criteria lead to practical and cost-effective services in the facility that are expected to ensure longevity in their existence. Therefore, quality management has helped in improving leadership skills in the overall decision-making protocol at Woodingdeam Medical Centre.

Woodingdeam Medical Centre has been able to integrate their culture into a continually improved culture through the quality management principles as they aim at reaching out their outmost improvements in their operations. The output of the hospital is based on the organizational and processes culture within its disposal. Thus, through the improved measures, they have been able to ensure increased output with low costs and effectiveness in operations. Systematic processes have been adopted for use during problem-solving situations which have reduced their problems and expanded recovery speed form both external and internal risks and challenges.

Quality management measures in the hospital have ensured leadership engagement with the employees. Employees motivation and commitment is a technique that enhances improved and increased performance in their duties. Therefore, as the rate at which employee conduct their duties improve, they ensure consistency in operations thus an increase in productivity. The techniques involve incentives for the employees through which they are motivated to achieve higher productivity in their duties for the rewards. Rewarding employees makes them have a competitive environment thus improved quality of services. At Woodingdeam Medical Centre, employees and management have been able to enhance good working environment following the implementation of the quality management technique within the facility.

Concisely, quality management has brought tremendous changes in the operations at Woodingdeam Medical Centre thus improved services. A different sect within the facility has benefitted from the QM techniques thus an overall improvement in service delivery. Therefore, quality management is an aspect that perfectly fits the operations of the hospital. Customer satisfaction has been enforced through its implementations well as improvements on services delivery within the facility. Additionally, there has been active employees’ engagement within the facility thus creating a harmonious working environment.