Work Of Art


Chinese artists drew many different forms of arts, and one of them that I interacted with was the Chinese landscape paintings. The reason why it interested me is that it uses an oblique projection in its portraits (Rhoads, 2014). In ancient times, the Chinese used to have their unique paintings and drawings in which had much influence on their culture. The landscape painting in my analysis can be defined as the depiction of natural sceneries such as flowing rivers, trees, birds, mountains among others. In Chinese art, the landscape views used to be mostly imaginary but would create and show good portraits of the Chinese culture. One reason why I am interested in learning more about the artwork is that it demonstrates different ways to show the products of Mother Nature through paintings.

Experience after engagement with the work of art

My experience with the Chinese landscape painting was fascinating and unique due to different reasons. One of them was that the colors used in cubism were often monochromatic browns, monochromatic greys or monochromatic blues. In most cases, he could apply them interchangeably in the same image. The brightness of the Chinese landscape painting had a certain degree of emotional applet attached to it (Wildavsky, 2017). Regarding lines and shapes the artist of the painting used static pictures and sometimes incorporated patterning, text messages and newspaper cut outs. Picassos Chinese landscape painting could not be considered as an abstraction as he adopted figurative paintings which also made the painting unique and fascinating to me. In an overall state, the experience with the painting was very educative, and I got to learn a lot from it.


The idea behind the painting is that the artist intended to appreciate the environment and nature in general. I am so obsessed with nature, and all that it carries including the mountains as it is with the painting and the picture was aimed to assist people like me. This will assist me with my paintings which are nature related, and I will draw some knowledge from the painting. Regarding the mood, the painting is bright enough for everyone to capture what is there (Wildavsky, 2017). Lastly, the painting will help my family, community, or group of friends in some different ways. The message or story portrayed by the art is that people should learn to appreciate nature since it is beautiful and also refrain from activities that may damage it.


Works of art I feel have not been given the attention that it requires. Many artists are useful for drawing and statistics to show that not everyone can draw, and yet these talents go unnoticed. I was very fascinated with the Chinese landscape painting, and it added some urge into me of the desire to become a renowned painter. On the other hand, the four-step critical analysis has been used to analyze works of art. This is to help identify the deeper meaning that a portrait carries and how it can be interpreted. Lastly, all the artists, painters and all the stakeholders in the painting world should make sure that they give a proper analysis of the world.




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