Workplace Bullying

The article explains the issue of workplace bullying which is very common in many organizations. It highlights the target audience, bullying behaviors and the practices of an organization to deduce the occurrence of the menace. Workplace bullying is an activity carried out by malicious people whose main aim is to gain power and control. It can take different forms like verbal abuse, physical mistreatment, humiliation, and even sabotage.  However, it has various consequences on both the victims and the employer organization. The effects range from financial, health, morale, and even the overall productivity of the firm (Namie, 2003). Workplace bullying is associated with negative consequences and can affect anybody without discrimination. Organizations should come up with policies to prevent harassment of employees. The policies should be availed to the employees so that they can have grounds to defend their rights. Additionally, respect should be enhanced in the work environment as a way of dealing with workplace bullying.

According to the article, workplace bullying is very prevalent in the US. 37% of the employed people undergo harassment. However, only a small percent report to the employer or law enforcement agencies (Lutgen‐Sandvik, Tracy, & Alberts, 2007). It is also evident that most of the bullies are bosses, and they majorly target women. A great percentage of the victims of bullying experience stress-related health complications.

Workplace bullying has various consequences to the victims. One of them is financial losses. In most cases, the target people in workplace bullying end up losing their jobs through unclear ways or resigning due to the increased pressure. Additionally, the victims may spend a

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