Workplace Diversity and Corporate Culture

There are several business topics that would intrigue me, and I would gladly take the pleasure of researching them. They are quite a number, but in this case, I will explain two of them. They include workplace diversity and corporate culture.

Workforce diversity involves the differences that employees within a certain organization possess. This topic is intriguing due to various views that people have about it. Some people tend to think that diversity brings more disadvantages to the organization since the employees are different in many ways hence making it difficult to have an effective working formula. There are those that think it brings more advantages than the disadvantages.  I am of this opinion too. Diversity has the ability to bring improved performance to a given team. It enables teams within the organization to attain effectiveness through synergy and cooperation. Organizations that embrace workplace diversity tend to have a variety of solutions to various problems. This is because employees with different backgrounds have the ability to bring individual experiences and talents while postulating ideas to help the business move forward. The differences among the employees tend to create a wide pool of helpful viewpoints. Diversity at the workplace also helps employees to perform at their highest level possible.

Corporate culture, on the other hand, is all about behaviors and beliefs that determine how the management and employees interact. On most occasions, it is not expressly defined, but it is just implied. The attitudes, values, beliefs and standards of the employees are normally determined by the nature of people that the organization employs. Corporate culture is usually determined by the organization’s strategies, goals, approaches to labor, structure. It is normally a major determinant of whether a business will succeed or fail. It would be prudent for the management to establish a corporate culture that would bring the desired success in the organization, as a result.

In conclusion, there are several topics that I find intriguing, but I cannot include all of them in this write-up. Corporate culture and workplace diversity are topics that elicit debates among different people. If used in the best way, the two aspects can bring substantial success to an organization.

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