Writing Problem Faced by Students

Writing Problem Faced by Students


Writing is part of creative projects like a piece of literature. A vast number of students have the assumptions that writing is a very complex subject among the many since it has many requirements. Nothing is more frustrating and disturbing like staring at a blank computer screen or a piece of paper. Writing for students has always been challenging with there been many elements that need to be incorporated in their work. Many are the times when writers face a lot of difficulties when writing but they can improve on the challenges as they practice more writing. Efficiency in proficiency is a problem is a writing problem that many students are facing; which has causes that can be solved if the appropriate measures are put in place.

Lack of Efficiency In Proficiency

            Lack of efficiency in proficiency when writing results from the work of students having too much plagiarism that could have been avoided. Students summarize texts using concepts and vocabularies that are entirely unfamiliar (Howard, 239). The use of the unfamiliar concepts and vocabularies leads to organization of weak arguments and reasoning which is often unclear. What is worse is that many students do not have the meta-cognitive skills that will help them in realizing the areas that their skills and knowledge are insufficient. Thus, students are not able to realize the skills that they are required to work towards improving. Also, the lack of the meta-cognitive skills may be an implication of the bad habits that students learn in their schools, which they get used to, and they become unable to unlearn the habits that they have developed.

Patchwriting is a way in which students find themselves participating in an unfamiliar discourse. It is important to think of how difficult it is for students to comprehend and manipulate the languages if the faculty themselves also have the same problem (Howard, 239). Patchwriting is not only frowned upon, but it is also forbidden in writing. The undergraduate students have a great challenge since they are given an array of discourse that is bewildering, which does not resonate with languages of their specified schools and homes.

Data Smog

The second reason for the lack of proficiency in writing is data smog. As the ability of students to access information online builds up, the ability to use the information has upsurged dramatically. However, having too much of the information is not good for the students. According to Perelman (131), Daniel Shank referred to the consequences of having too much information as data smog. Data smog is, therefore, an overwhelming amount of information and data that is obtained from the internet. The ability of students to churn out bigger volumes of data in different formats has exceeded the ability of students to process it.

Today, people are drowning in data. The information that individuals are receiving is too much, and it has become overwhelming. The information that students are receiving is too much, and it’s too overwhelming. This fact has rendered it impossible and difficult to control the information since it is coming in rapidly and from various directions. Even though data smog has its undeniable advantages, it has adverse effects on individuals that are not unlike environmental pollution in that they are insidious, largely visible and gradual.

Data smog has made it impossible to differentiate information that is good from biased, incomplete, misleading and information that is incorrect. The available too much information on the internet has made it extremely difficult to differentiate from what is right and wrong as well as what is true and what is not true. Additionally, the speed of the information that the students are receiving has been able to give students contradicting emotions that they should make quick decisions while they are anxious since they are aware that there is still more information out there that requires processing (Perelman, 131). Having literacy of information gives students strategies and skills that they need to handle the data smog effectively.

Lack of Concern from the Society

The other cause is that writing is not given much consideration and importance in society. Writing is mostly considered a secondary skill in speech. The writing and reading culture will therefore not flourish at social and academic levels if the skills are ignored (Fareed et al., 86). It is true that students are not given the impression that they are required to be exceptional writers. Writing does not include maximum instructions in society, and it is one of the skills that are not liked as well. Even though the examination requires students to be creative writers, it has failed greatly since it fails to find ways that it can encourage critical and analytical writing from the students.

What society fails to understand is that writing is extremely significant in our society since it forms the basis for which communication is made. The most binding agreements and contracts that are made are written and are signed (Fareed et al., 86). A society that has ineffective teaching methods and teachers who are not well trained is prone to mislead people on effective writing and how to avoid the challenges that are brought about by poor writing. Sometimes you find that students are being taught with teaching methods that are outdated.

One will find that the amount of teaching that the learner gets outside and inside the classroom is not enough to master the writing skill. Receptive skills are not considered to be significant when it comes to writing. There are societies that one will find lengthy causes being offered in schools and even large classrooms being present for learning. The classrooms, therefore, fail to provide a conducive learning environment to the students which will result in poor development of writing skills.


Several remedies can be applied to improving the writing skills of students and undergraduates. For students to avoid copying and pasting or the incidences of plagiarism, they should be encouraged to write their work original work from the information that they have gathered from the readings that they have made and the course work. The student should be encouraged to write briefly and concisely to avoid incidences of data smog. Spending time away from the internet controls the direction of information and the information that the students get. Also, to prevent the complications that arise from data smogs, students should be shown and encouraged to systemize the web pages and the folders that they use. Reading is also a vital remedy that can be applied to help learners to enhance their vocabulary and their writing. Educational facilities are also required to hire teachers who are efficient to avoid the writing irregularities in the learners.



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