I have always thought of myself as a natural writer and all that I needed from my English classes was some fine tuning; however to my surprise there so much more there is to learn. Going through my courses finally helped me realize that learning is a continuous process and in writing you can never be perfect. Ernest Hemingway once said that ‘prose is architecture, not interior decorations.’  This statement forms a perfect summary of what I have learnt through the course, writing is more than just using vocabularies to express your ideas or complex statements that will capture the readers mind but it is the simple but perfect arrangement of ideas to create more than story. It is the art of expressing ideas in a way that is not only interesting but creates a picture in the readers mind and has the two minds tangling.

The classes have been a real eye opener for me, I have realized that writing is one of the most complex arts ever but with the right information it’s the most enjoyable arts. Reading through the works of great authors has really been surprising. The authors though lived in a world that was far much different were able to create ideas than would outlive them, books that are still a masterpiece up to date. Their choice of words is magnificent that reading through the books it feels like poetry and through this their works have become timeless just like poetry is. The art of writing is therefore more than just ideas, it is actually how you express and present them. A simple idea can be expressed in a poetical nature and capture the imaginations and emotions of the readers in such a way that it changes their view of life. This is the trademark of a successful piece of work.

The analysis of the pieces of literature that we read was the most compelling part of the entire course. There is nothing more interesting like rhyming one’s thoughts, emotions and ideas with that of the author’s. It provides a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the incredible works and helps to reveal the real intention of the author when he or she used specific words or figures of speech i.e. were they symbolical, satirical or they were just plain. The analysis which is usually guided by the instructors is what actually refined me from being a writer to a probable author. The ability to manipulate words to express ones specific intentions rather than their usual meaning is the greatest asset for any writer. This is an asset that gives the writer an opportunity to express his or her personality in the context of the story.

The most satisfying experience of the course was however the essay writing experience. There is nothing more gratifying than watching yourself grow, the notion alone have you glowing with a griming smile in your inner self. The various challenges and opportunities that writing of essays provided formed a platform whereby I identified where I fell short through the help of my peers or the instructor and I therefore made the corrections or improvement needed. The out of class essay specifically have been the most important tool for me. The ample time that is allowed enabled me to explore my potential of creativity and prowess of the art of writing. It gave me an opportunity to watch myself grow within the context of my thoughts and technique of writing. My paragraph construction and the material content used in the paragraphs was the most notable improvement that I noted. The ability to use figures of speech in expressing my ideas was probably the biggest improvement that I made.

The class essays on the other hand were the most challenging but to my surprise they brought the best of me. The short period in which I had to come up with an idea, develop the idea into a story and make use of the lessons that I had learnt helped not only refine my thoughts but also become a great thinker. I appreciated the fact that the best gold is refined by fire, the refined product of my work only became a possibility when under the pressure of a small time limit. My sentence construction, choice of vocabulary, choice of figures of speech and technical ability have all greatly improved courtesy of the class essays. However the technical ability is a product of continuous practice just as the saying goes, perfection is a product of practice and technical skills can termed as perfection in the art of writing.

The English course has not just been a learning experience but has been a career defining course. I have really learnt and applied a lot in the period of the course and I believe that is all left is perfecting what I have learnt. The course is a more complex and involving definition of Alain Robbe-Grillet words, “The true writer has nothing to say. What counts is the way he says it.” The course has actually taught me how to express my ideas and thoughts, to capture the thoughts and emotions of the reader and have his or her mind ‘tangling’ with mine, that’s what makes a good writer, a great author.

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