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I am YousifShati. My home country is Yemen. I currently stay in the San Diego environs. I am a stunt Muslim believer and that Islam has laid the necessary foundation in bringing up and constituting my moral conduct. I like the multiculturalism nature of the United States and the will to practice ‘free will’.

Further, then that, I am quite a shy person, quite solitary, but that does not imply that I am unfriendly. I am an active participant in constructive dialogue. Often, I can participate in some small talk, but only if it has my kind of the desired discussion.


In my academic goals, I am learning as much as possible to become an information technician.  I got the interest while I was around seven years old when I first laid my hands on a computer. I would watch my father, surprisingly who is an IT expert, install programs and the operating systems to the computers that he would always bring home from his workplace.  I remember a time while he was installing a windows 98 operating system to an old Dell laptop and I would sit down there and watch the steps he was taking for the installation. I was pretty amazed at what he was doing. As I grew older, I stumbled upon various computers. I used to open it up top see the inner components of the machine. I even practiced C language at the age of 12. Growing fond of computers made me realize my passion for them.

My non-curricular activities mainly include outdoor games. I have a jogging routine which I religiously practice every weekend. I like swimming, cycling, and rock climbing. Besides, I love adventure, reading novels, watching animes, and voluntary work.

I learned anthropology from reading about it in my junior school. I learned about the ‘early man,’ although I was not confiding with the topic due to my Islamic faith. I changed my attitude towards anthropology when I learned that one could still learn about different cultures in the world. I believe being in San Diego University is still part of anthropology.


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