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The company, Yahoo Inc, is an international company offering personalized and customized communications, search and content tools on the web. Most of the products that the company provides are customized to meet the user requirements on both web and mobile device users. Across the United States, the company ranks among the most popular websites due to the uniqueness of features it possesses. In fact, it is provides the most read news and media with a cumulated readership of more than 7 billion views per week. As of June, 2015, Yahoo was the fourth most visited site worldwide with more than 700 million people visiting their websites every month. Clearly, the company is a force to reckon with in the World Wide Web because of the large influence it has online. In the company’s own words, it attracts more than half a billion consumers every month through its use of more than 30 languages.

Yahoo is an America-registered multinational company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Internationally, it is renowned for its search engine and related services serving search portals, email transfers and social media communication. Currently, the company is one of the leading international brands in terms of internet media and competes with companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, every other person in the world has used the company’s services in the process of browsing the internet. The huge internet presence makes it an ideal bet in terms of searching content for millions of users across the globe. The company uses its unending compilation of external links that click to other websites to make the browsing experience memorable (Angel, 2012). In addition, the company boasts of an extensive searchable database that helps internet users navigate the World Wide Web effectively.

The mode of operation for the company makes it free for users to access their websites online. This is based on the fact that the company is not funded through subscriptions but by the numerous advertisements that it hosts on its platform. In this regard, advertisers from all spheres pay  to promote their services and products on the website. Although it faces stiff competition from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the company is leading in terms of visits each day. At the moment, the company boasts of more than 24 billion page views daily. Obviously, hitting such numbers is not impossible with more than 25 global websites that use more than 13 languages. Perhaps the high uptake in the company’s products is explained in the strategy of having them free for the users. For instance, the company offers other peripheral services for free such free email accounts and online chat areas. In addition to these services, the company is careful to offer tailor made news to the users based on their demographic locations thus increasing the number of views even further (Blozis & Cohen, 2009).

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