Yellow Assignments

Yellow Assignments

Rationale and Explanation

In my opinion, the poster is useful in communicating about access to a room or a building by all people. The symbols indicate individuals with different sexual orientation who may be considered transverse. They include people with disabilities, married couples of the same sex, and transgender individuals. It also includes people recognized to have both sexual reproductive systems. The reason I see the poster as active is that individuals who understand the symbols can know that they are accepted. They can use the advertisement for any government services in any institution without discrimination.


Discussion Topic 3:

  1. Involving other citizens in making by-laws should be considered, as people are affected. Engaging them would increase acceptance. In the end, citizens of high economic benefit are the ones to be included. They should also include those in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Moreover, there should be a survey of what laws are needed to improve government services.
  2. He is controlling the mayor’s influence to ensure impartiality. The mayor is required to guarantee the transparency of governance. Without transparency, the mayor may decide what is right and wrong. In effect, it limits the powers to ensure he or she has no say in some issues.
  3. The four sources to be used include a government website, Google, local municipal website, and local newspaper websites.
  4. The media serves as the mirror to society. What the press observes is what the community sees.
  5. Other municipal websites are bright, colorful, and engaging. The local municipality’s website is not as appealing. I would recommend an end-user that is friendly for all ages, including the elderly.

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