Youth and Crime


Discussing research

Question one response:

Researchers unearth details regarding the study topic of concern and provide solutions to the researched problem as well.  In this case, without consideration of cost concerns implicated in designing a research project, the subject of youth and crime is suitable criminology and a research project topic.

The research on youth and crime has been driven by the need to address the reason as to why the youth engage in crime. The study seeks to unearth explanations as to why teens tend to engage in crime.  The researchers intend to mingle with the youth and respective members of society and find justifying reasons that explain the reasons behind youth participation in a crime.

Besides, the researchers intend to find possible remedies for youth participation in the crime. The research first investigates why youth engage in misconduct, hence, unearthing reasons for youth participation in criminal activities. Eventually, with this information already at hand, recommendations on possible remedies on youth participation in crime are founded. The concerned stakeholders; youth, government, society and other interested entities such as schools contribute their views regarding possible mitigation of youth crime.

Also, the researchers motive in researching youth and crime to evaluate the extent to which youth engage in misconduct. This motive intends to unearth figures regarding the number of criminal activities for which the youth are vital suspects or criminals. The researchers under this prompt seek to answer who are the major participants in the crime, the youth, and the older generation. This information is essential as it founds the basis for which mitigation strategies in the efforts to fight crime are designed and implemented. For instance, if youths are more prevent to engaging in crime, then mitigation strategies against crime should target premises where teenager are found.

There are certain beliefs regarding youth and crime phenomenon which include the idea that the youth engage in crime due to social environment implications such as social media and the media in general. This belief tends to rule out other ought to be critical factors that contribute to youths engagement in criminal activities. The idea is mainly sourced from social institutions such as schools which hold teenagers and also the society. Another belief is that the youth are the major participants in the crime, this as evident from television. Also, another view that youth engage in crime due to dropping out of school.  Parental neglect is another crucial factor that is perceived to play a significant role in youth engagement in crime. Finally, another belief is that youth crime can be addressed by providing employment opportunities to youths, this is according to newspapers.

Question two response

The following entails set of four research questions related to the study topic of concern; youth and crime under the four types of researchers respectively.

Descriptive research

  1. What ways can be youth crime be managed or prevented?

Seeks to find descriptions of how youth participation in crime can be averted.

Explanatory research

  1. Why youths engage in crime?

Seeks to find explanations as to why the youths primarily engage in crime.

Exploratory research

  1. How do the youths engage in crime?

Seeks to find out how the youths are engaged in criminal activities?

Evaluative research

  1. What extent to which youth engage in crime?

Seeks to evaluate the extent to which youths are engaged in criminal activities in the society.


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