Zaha Hadid


The legacy that one establishes depends on the actual actions that one leaves in a specific field. The books of history must have outstanding tasks that one has performed. This outshines the other people in the fact they can stand out in the congregation. The value that one brings in a system determines whether they will leave a long-term legacy or will make others be outstanding in the way things are done. This has made the world to be so competitive due to the much potential in the people’s disposal.

Zaha Hadid’s has become a talk of the world due to her outstanding works in the world of architecture. She has challenged the gender perceptions that women are weak vessels in the professional field. This is because she has been in the competitive edge with the best brains in the world making an impact in the landscape industry as well as the design feature. The way the work is presented from her perspective presents a quality mind that has beaten all the odds in the career field. Her designs have proven to be the best in the world because they make an impact when it comes to the building design.

The design philosophy

The organization of work of this woman has been a center of attention since the time she started her career. She didn’t allow her small start to be a hindrance to the significant achievements that were ahead of her. She believed in her potential and brought much impact in the design world. The philosophy she had was based on a belief that the impossible is untried. Her zeal to accomplish all the work she started was brought out by the many challenges she had on the way and her ladder to her career. Her focus on the results of each point of her work made her unstoppable despite the obstacles she encountered in her projects.

Her desire to address the challenges in the 21st century remained her motivation to venture deeply in this field. This is because of the various problems she saw facing the building and construction industry which needed urgent intervention. The need to bring a change in the systems of performance was a critical factor in making her make a move. She was so selfless because the needs of the field became her priority as the personal interest followed suit. This won the trust of the clients in many ways.

The individual preferences were not a motivating factor because she was a self-determined lady. Her styles and creations were intended to make the world a better place because her zeal for the environment motivated her. She was aware of the former works of the other people in her career which had proven to be less satisfactory because they didn’t solve the challenges that faced people. People needed tangible and real solutions in the building sector which was to create a sustainable housing structure in the long run. This was her burning desire which motivated her to venture in the field with much zeal.

She believed that through architecture, the society’s well-being must be brought to light as well as the overall progress of what happens in the organization. This is because good housing was supposed to translate to a good living standard of the people affected. The architectural designs could catalyze many commercial activities because people will have the potential to establish sustainable premises. Her vision was to have a base vision that could make the lives of many people better over time. This was to be implemented by having quality work that could motivate people to have investments in real estates. Her outstanding designs could draw many investors to her point of reference.

Her global recognition makes her a reference point to the world of design because her works are used as a better deal always. Most of the buildings she designed are so famous in the global sphere because they host significant activities on the global angle. This makes her an epitome of reference in the world of design due to her unusual nature that has established her field to recognize her eternally. Her approach to the work she did was a sign of excellence. She ensured that whatever she started she finished successfully.

Her death in March 2016 left a big gap in the design world since her work was so outstanding. The status she had in society was an accurate representation of the fact that women are equally able to do what the other gender can accomplish. The motivation that the young females got from her made the society to be filled with the hope of empowerment in the potential that people have. The young people in different fields were given more light on how they can shape their career in the long run. This is because dreams as a masterpiece of visions need to be nurtured to become the best substance that can make the world a better place.

The belief she had that all can be done with a dedicated heart became a point of focus to all the followers who were behind her back in all the achievements. Her outstanding performance in the things she engaged herself in made many people draw encouragement and motivation from them. They realized that determination and focus could be used independently to make things work where others see impossibilities. The nature of the approach she took to accomplish most of the things she did made the followers have an ethical compass.

Her Major achievements

Her outstanding work needed some recognition since her impact was inevitable in the landscape design. Major metropolitan cities have encountered her influence through the design of the significant buildings that make the city to be so presentable and the best in terms of beauty. The tangible evidence of her significant works makes her be seen as the best designer since no other work can be compared to what she did. She has caused people to believe that her potential was so unique compared to other designers. Her approach to the design work was based on quality and desire to make the cities have the best appearance.

The sustainability of the work was backed up by the fact that she considered the demography. This is because she understood that the environment is one of the significant factors since the buildings were to be elevated there. The need to have structures that could offer permanent solutions to the environmentally friendly demand for housing was in her heart. She believed that human life is so scared and therefore she was supposed to guard it by all means. Many people ended up being attracted to her way of doing things based on the consideration of the future sustainability of her works.

She had diversified her portfolio to include many products in her works. Apart from concentrating on building technology, she was so aggressive in majoring in the making of furniture and jewelry. Her lighting techniques in most of the parts of the world have been so significant in the way they outshine the other mechanisms. Her use of modern technology to mix colors in the buildings makes her have a substantial share in terms of recognition. She is also known to have been involved in the design of shows uniquely, something that diversifies her market for the products she offers.

The real estate fraternity has been having a place of reference during her life. The lightning solutions it offers does the works she did remain remarkable in their domain. They could rely on her to install the lighting systems in the best way possible as per the demands of the clients. The need to have quality work recognizable has attracted much attention to the already done work that the lady did. Her Affordable pricing mechanism is another thing to remember since she valued clients more than the pay; they could guarantee her. She gave her services the priority which was the primary reason why most of the clients had no option but to stick to her. This made the relationship to be strengthened because the clients could see someone who could value the deals they had in the long run.

In the course of her careers received many outstanding prices due to her excellent work that was coupled with prestigious services. Being the most famous and exceptional architect, she was able to obtain the Pritzker Prize of 2004 in Architecture,the 2010 and 2011 prize in the Sterling world of Architecture, the 2014 Design Museum Design of the Year Award for her Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, and the 2015 RIBA Gold Medal among other prizes. This was due to the fantastic designs that made the world to honor her because her works have stood the test of time.

Other contributions in the design field include major buildings that the current world has witnessed. Among such consists of the London’s Aquatic Centre, The Belgians Galaxy Soho, and the Guangzhou Opera House. These are some of the commercial avenues where major activities happen making the world economy to grow exponentially. The worth of recognition of these avenues is an accurate reflection of the unique nature of what was already done by this legend. No one so far has broken this record that has been set by this significant woman.

The achievements she has so far are a motivation for the other upcoming people in the different field that nothing is impossible. She inspires many by putting a record of excellence straight through a method that is easy for everyone. She believed that the best thing in the world is to do something in the right way and an excellent manner. This has been the reasons for recognition of most of her work which has stood the test of time because she left a mark in the design industry.

Her lifetime commitment to what she was doing made many people wonder why death had to take her so early. The grace, beauty, and strength she was under made her outshine her competitors due to her value of excellence. She made many believe in her as far as the attitude of work is concerned. Her principle of being professional in all her deals was a selling point to the services she provided. She could perceive the market conditions of her services and then serve the clients from an informed position in matters of pricing. The terms remained accommodative and flexible based on the agreement she had with the clients, something that made her not run out of clients.

Success in the industry was also attributed to her exceeding the expectations from her work. The brand of things that came into her hands made her portray excellence because she was having much value and sensitivity to whatever she did. Whether handling the professional or personal staff, she as so keen to deliver value all the time. The desire was built by the sensitive nature of what she did because she was often dealing with vulnerable clients who valued the nitty treaties of everything they gave her. She couldn’t afford to do thingsa haphazardly since this could easily compromise and jeopardize her profession.

The reputation as a successful designer in the professional industry mattered a lot to her. This is because the work she did was based on the visual observation done by the clients. She had to make it the best to impress the clients in first sight. Again, the work could be everlasting because the buildings that were built were to be there on a long term basis. This made her be on her toes since she was supposed to deliver quality to safeguard her name in the most competitive profession.

For instance, in the sculpture and painting field, the onlooker is supposed to become impressed by the work from the on sight. The client should have pleasure in what they see since it is a representation of human innovation and creativity that is present in professionalism. The imagination and initiative that is present in work should make the client have an impressive view of the approach they will present in giving the response. The value attached in action also determine the cost; hence there is a need for great professionalism from both sides.

The nature of her work

Excellence and client sensitivity was the core principle that drove her to excel in her career. Even though the industry was dominated by men who felt that women couldn’t manage the hustle, she was determined enough to challenge them in matters of quality. For instance, her work mainly the architectural space was well animated, lively and full of drama. The approach she used made the people admire her designs because she could relate nature to the current contemporary world. This could increase the beauty of the nature her presentations looked like.

Her colleagues and clients gave her much honor, respect and recognition because she majored on making them satisfied in all the things she did. She ended up receiving referrals from satisfied clients because of the outstanding work that she was able to do. Her zeal to satisfy all the people who came to her made the best environment of interaction. Her clients could be contented in the way she did her things comparing to the other people who couldn’t match the standards she offered. The best could be gotten from her side because of the general organization and attention to details concerning her attitude towards work.

The prize she won in 1978 of Pritzker in the USA was a recognition of her architectural achievements that elevated her reputation to the greater height. The Chicago recognition in the prize encouraged many to have public buildings in the best for. It was a motivation for the designers to have the best approach when they are bringing up buildings to have security in mind as well as the best impression to the clients. This encouraged her to be focused on making the best service to the corporate sector and the world at large because they could now recognize her excellent work.

Her winning of the price was attributed by her determination to beat all the odds that affected the profession. Initially, it was so male-dominated, something that made the majority of the females to lose hope in the enormous task. They believed that only males could win presents and receive state recognition. This wasn’t true to her since she thought on herself. Her readiness to make herself shine made sure that she fought the female’s discrimination by doing quality work all the time. She had combined her imagination and determination to make sure she stood out among the masses in terms of performance. Her zeal to outshine her competitors was the propelling force towards her standing on the winning side.

The Challenges to her Work

Despite the many challenges she faced, her determination to be the best went undeterred because she was interested in being the best. She had suffered discrimination in several times based on her female nature and her exceptional work, something that could easily discourage her from doing the great course. However, she had something in her that made her look forward to better things. The passion for delivering to the clients in the best time and a satisfactory manner made her shine regardless of all the olds. She was sure the technical nature of her work was to be based on her positive mind, and she could do it herself. That’s why she did not allow any discouragement to break her morale.


Upon her death, she left so many projects pending which needs a likeminded person to make the vision come true. This includes the idea she had to build a significant building in Australia which was supposed to represent her legacy. The building was supposed to be in the form of an energy-efficient project that could bring about economic prosperity in the country. This was supposed to happen after they join hands with the Australian developer who was to be a vital contributor of the same. The abortion of this dream has left a big gap in the design vision of this country.

Although Australia has been known as a country that doesn’t accommodate structural change so quickly, she was determined to have them test the difference she could bring. This is a country which has been ruled by rigid policies that advocate for domestic output when it comes to their structures. The planning regulations are so conservative making the rules that govern the building of structures in the vicinity. This has caused it to lag in terms of structural development in several ways. They have ignored the role of technology in buildings and designs.

To make her work more accessible, she made collaboration with other influential personalities in the industry to make things work. She was doing this to combine both function and form as a way of increasing the synergy. This was from her belief that unity is strength and nothing could be done if voices couldn’t be brought together. This created an architectural adventure where she could learn from others and get diverse approaches in the way things are done. In the long run, her skills were made better since she could gather more knowledge and a new way of doing things which made her career successful.

Her styles of doing things started very long in her career life when she understood the dynamics of the industry. Hong Kong has a test of her expertise since she is the one who designed the Peak Design there. The skyscraper is constructed in a way that makes people realize the value of the knowledge and the design. These are some of the features she was able to commit in the early ages of her career when she had not done much. She could be proud of her achievements since this made her receive numerous states recognition. Her work was tangible because it stood out in the history of the world. This will make her unforgettable.

In addition to doing corporate deals, she had possessed her buildings which had a significant impact on the architectural world. For instance, she was the owner of the “Truly Luxury Exhibition” which was a hub of having an exhibition, storage of jewelry, interior and set designs together with other architectural accessories. The need to have a center of her own was from her desire to make a central office for herself where consultations could be made. It was also a center of meeting her valued clients.

Her inspiration to leave a long-life legacy made her strive to do her best in whatever she did. She was interested in laying a good foundation in the way things should be done professionally. She could copy international designers in the ideas they had made her the best when it comes to the real executions made sure that she stood out despite the competition she received from the male’s counterparts as well as the challenges she won based on gender discrimination,


Zaha Hadid’s approach of doing things represents the resilience that is needed in the professional world. This is based on her outstanding performance in the design word which made her stand out among all the other entrants in her field. Her belief in delivering quality made her have an established client base which guaranteed the success of her venture. The attention to details was a valuable virtue that caused her to win the trust of her clients. She valued teamwork when necessary and need for quality service before anything else. Her legacy will stand the test of time since she has proven to be the best.