Zappos Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the case study, Zappos employs a societal market orientation. The company involves everyone in its operations that include the sales, products promotion, and advertisement. Similarly, it has created a healthy relation between the workers in the company and also the society. People find it ideal to purchase shoes in the company’s stores and have developed loyalty because of the spirit the company has created. Zappos is trying to keep and maintain the existing customers through social participation that involves advertising (Zappos blog, n.d). The company seeks to ensure that the long-term interest of the society is achieved by strengthening its relation with charitable organizations.

The company uses Zappos blog to practice corporate social responsibility in the following ways. The company has a culture that focuses on fulfilling the interest of its employees, and its mission is to make the world conducive to everyone. The website has been used to engage with the customers and give them updates on the products and other news concerning the company. It has built an open and honest relationship with the customers and society in general. The employees are constantly present on the website and social media advertising products and presenting the good image of the company.

Zappos operates at the level of philanthropic responsibility. The company engages in additional behaviors and activities that benefit the society. Precisely, Zappos support community projects and contribute a huge amount of its goods to charitable organizations (Zappos blog, n.d). Also, if the employees volunteer to support the community, the company pays them for the time they are out.

Zappos operates at a post-conventional level of morality. The company is concerned with doing the best for its employees, customers and society regardless of what other people or competitors think.


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